Folk Club 33 – Singing in the New

Photo: W. Krotz-Vogel

Photo: W. Krotz-Vogel

Richard Limbert reports from Bonn Folk Clubs January Meet:  With barely time to sleep off the intoxicating celebrations that saw in the New Year, Bonn Folk Club was up and running once again with its 33rd meeting . Of course, whilst you always hope for great things with your heart, your head says that a lot of people are still on vacation with their loved ones, or simply enjoying well-earned and much needed quality leisure time.   What in fact happened though was that  the optimistic expectations were actually not just met, but exceeded!  There were both old and new faces as the venue filled up, the atmosphere was anything but lonely when things got underway as always at 7.30pm with a full house as usual.

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Troisdorf and a ‘Show of Hands’

Phil Beer & Steve Knightley

Steve Knightley and Phil Beer are widely acknowledged as the finest acoustic roots duo in England.  They make up the band A Show of Hands, which in case you doubt their credentials, has sold out the Royal Albert Hall no less.  So how did they come to be playing in Troisdorf?  Obviously the Bonn area is making a name in Folk circles.  Who better than to give us a report than our own Folk Club MC John Harrison…

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Light Falls Forward at the Folk Club

light falls forwardYou would have to have been a Fool to miss the April meeting of Bonn Folk Club.  Then again, it was so crowded that you were probably there!

Special guests for the evening were Light Falls Forward all the way from London, but there was also plenty of homegrown musical talent to enjoy at Haus Müllestümpe as the Club celebrated it’s quarter Century (25th meeting) in style.

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James Murdoch at The Fiddlers

Thanks in no small part to the Local Folk Club, Bonn is starting to attract increasing  interest from  visiting Fok Musicians worldwide.  An example of the excellent quality of music starting to come this way is Canadian James Murdoch.  Seeking to combine a holiday with a few gigs, James contacted Bonn Folk Club.   In the absence of  a Folk Club meet though The Fiddlers Irish Pub snapped him up for a show.   Armed with a borrowed guitar, some excellent self-penned songs, and a  striking partner in the shape of girlfriend Amber Bissonnette on mandolin, James Murdoch set about changing diners and football fans into music fans.

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Welcome to the (new) Club

Wherever I lay my hat - is my Folk Club

Bonn Folk Club laid it’s hat in a new home this month as the first evening at Haus Müllestumpe got off, literally,  to a ‘Whistle Test’ of a start.  There were familiar faces in new places,  playing  new games like ‘deciding which side of the pillar to sing round’ and ‘dodge the waiter’.  It soon settled down to ‘business as usual’ though, and soon I was the one playing familiar games like ‘name that tune’ and ‘new name to check out later on Wikipedia’.

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Country, Blues & Gambas at the Folk Club

Lothar Heinrich

‚From Henry Purcell to Robert Johnson’. That’s what the top line of John Harrison’s typewritten notes for the evening said. A tall order, even for Bonn Folk Club, but John wasn’t bluffing as the December meet revealed. He even had a new instrument up his sleeve (or in the evenings case, one might say his poncho) in the form of a Gamba.

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Folk at GoVinum

The Godesberger ‘Wein & Bierstube’  GoVinum is offering live Folk Music this month.

Regulars at Bonn Folk Club will recognize the names here so I don’t need to tell you a fine time will be had by all!


Photo courtesy of John Hurd


Begin: 7:30pm

Entrance: Free

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