There IS a Banjo Heaven! – Bonn Folk Club

untitled-97The theme this evening: Banjo.  Cartoons come to mind of being sent to hell and Satan pointing to a cave filled with duelling banjo players.   Also to mind was a surprising pleasant evening a few years ago at an international banjo festival in Bonn.  I decided to focus on the latter and headed for Folk Club number 61 at Haus Müllestumpe.

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Trains, Boats, Planes… and Daffodils – Bonn Folk Club 56

DSC_3342‘Trains, boats, planes & Stuff’. That was the theme for Folk Club #56   How many would opt for the ‘Stuff’ choice I wondered. Would anyone go for the triple whammy and sing that old classic “Trains & boats & planes”? Maybe someone would find a song about trams? The wonderful thing about Folk Club meetings at Haus Mullestümpe is that anything could and probably will happen…

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Welcome to the (new) Club

Wherever I lay my hat - is my Folk Club

Bonn Folk Club laid it’s hat in a new home this month as the first evening at Haus Müllestumpe got off, literally,  to a ‘Whistle Test’ of a start.  There were familiar faces in new places,  playing  new games like ‘deciding which side of the pillar to sing round’ and ‘dodge the waiter’.  It soon settled down to ‘business as usual’ though, and soon I was the one playing familiar games like ‘name that tune’ and ‘new name to check out later on Wikipedia’.

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