Le Clou on the Roof

French band Le Clou have their roots in Mississippi and have just recruited a Scottish guitarist.  The band is as eclectic as their music – a broad muddy Cajun sound that tips it’s hat in the direction of music that makes me think at times of Dire Straits and, at others times, of Dr Feelgood’s Wilko Johnson.  It’s an interesting mix that made for the perfect way to spend a sunny Summer Sunday ‘up on the roof’ at the Bundeskunsthalle for the General Anzeiger’s Sommergarten Season.

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Wincent Weiss Charms the (young) ladies at Kunst!Rasen

Music these days isn’t measured by discs sold, sometimes not even by files downloaded.  Careers now are made (and presumably also ended) via YouTube.  Take tonight’s show at Bonn Kunst!Rasen: Wincent Weiss first made his musical mark via an acoustic version of Turkish/German pop-singer Elif Demirezer’s song ‘Unter meine Haut’ on YouTube.   Main support act LEA (aka Lea-Marie Becker) began making music at 15 but broke through when a YouTube video of ‘Wo ist die Liebe?’ rang up a mind-boggling 45,000 clicks overnight (now almost 3 million).  In addition – the best introduction I could give you of local openers for the evening Steal a Taxi would be to send a link to their song ‘Time’ – on YouTube…

Do they measure up, not on a flat screen after countless edits, but on a stage with just one chance to deliver?

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Steve Winwood gives Bonn some loving

There are not too many musicians treading the boards today with careers stretching back five decades but Steve Winwood at 70 still has the enthusiasm of a teenager when he straps on a Stratocaster or digs in with his Hammond Organ along with a talented band of colleagues.  Support for the evening Gary Clark Jr was last seen in Bonn during Santana’s concert here, but is a highly rated guitarist in his own right.

A great evening of Music was guaranteed then at Kunst!Rasen this week.

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Hot Brass on a Hot day – Querbeat with LaBrassBanda

It’s very rare that the weather plays along with the music.  Here we were though under a vivid blue sky, sun beating down and listening to Brazilian Samba rhythms.  All is not as it seems though.  We’re not in Rio but at Bonn Kunst!Rasen and the Samba has a distinctive German twist, coming as it does from local band Querbeat and Bavarian La Brass Banda rounding off a busy opening long weekend Open-Air in Bonn.

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Good Blues in Bad Godesberg

Judging by the smiling faces and picnic blankets for the closing mini Blues Festival the reintroduction of open-air music outside the Bad Godesberg Kurpark pavilion was a master-stroke from organizer Sabine Köhne-Kayser.

Certainly Baum’s Bluesbenders and earlier The Elder Statesmen Band made for a friendly atmosphere and offered high-quality music on a warm and sunny evening on the eve of official Summertime to finish ‘Musik Im Park’ 2018 in fine style.

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JJOB celebrate 5th Anniversary in style

Perhaps it’s the location but the atmosphere half an hour before the start of this year’s Jugend Jazz Orchester Bonn (JJOB) Anniversary Concert seemed reminiscent of waiting for curtain up on the first night of a new theatre play.  There’s no doubting though that The Pantheon is a wonderful venue for such an event.  Shortly after 8pm, the metaphorical ‘curtain’ was raised and the two Thomas’s (Kimmerle and Heck) introduced their latest show that’s been a year in the making.  Would it be a thriller, a romance,  a suspense?  Enter the band…

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