Band of Rory’s Friends

dsc_3051-edit4 November sees a visit to the Harmonie of long time Rory Gallagher bassist Gerry McAvoy and his celebrated Band of Friends, including Gallagher drummer Ted McKenna.  Reason enough to remind readers of an interview 3songs did with the band in 2013.  Read HERE what it was like to be onstage with Rory and what it feels like to be playing those songs to ever newer generations of Rory fans…

Layla Zoe Breaks Free in Bonn

layla2016-0416It was a long haul. In February when I interviewed Layla Zoe at the Harmonie  she was at the start of a Blues Caravan tour that would take her round the world, and so it did, only ending recently in France.  Whilst it was great to see her trading vocals with Ina Forsman and Tasha Taylor, Layla with her own band and particularly with Jan Laacks can’t be beaten.   Friday saw Layla, with Jan and two newcomers on bass and drums, back in Bonn.

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Ryan Sheridan and Mrs Greenbird


Irishman Ryan Sheridan was a teenage dancer in ‘Riverdance’, spent two years acting in the USA and then formed a Rockband in Glasgow.  He was ‘discovered’ busking with a cajon playing friend in London, and now here he is this evening in Germany.  The Harmonie Bonn to be exact.  3songs caught the show by a man whose biggest hit is a song called ‘Home’ but who seems to be at home all over the World.

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Now don’t say you have better things to do than listen to this beautiful voice at the Harmonie on Friday.  Layla Zoe and band (with superb guitarist Bonn’s own Jan Laacks)

Recommended listening to end a hard week’s work!

Bonn Folk Club Nr 73

folkcluboct016-9420Bonn Folk Club number 73 was themed ‘Old Favourites’ which made Tom Kannmacher the ideal special guest for the evening.  Not because of Tom himself of course, who at the mention of musical instruments immediately has the enthusiasm of a teenager, but because of his partner for the evening a 1905 German Lute.  It was an evening that dipped it’s feet into oldies from Folk, Pop and Bluegrass so take a walk with me on the vintage side…

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