European Blues Award Winner in Bonn

sas1jpgOh, and did I mention that this guy won ‘Best Musician (Performance)’?

You can find out why this very Saturday at the Harmonie if you have a ticket (Sold Out Folks!)

Congratulations to Holland’s finest Blues guitarist – Julian Sas

Full Awards details now available HERE

King King Live – Hatman 2045


It was the moment when a band came of age.  A sound was pinned firmly down like a butterfly for all eternity.  There will never be another Thin Lizzy concert with Phil Lynott or ACDC show with Bon Scott, but we still feel the visceral power that made them great band’s through the live releases they put out.  It doesn’t matter if the tracks were almost re-recorded track by track after the show, what matters is that I can put on ‘Live & Dangerous’ and hear exactly what I heard at Portsmouth Guildhall in 1978.  I can tell you how amazing a Rory Gallagher show was, but without ‘Irish Tour 74’ you wouldn’t get at half the emotion – and yes, those Rockpalast shows are great, but immortality is in the vinyl grooves my friend.  In this age of silver discs with ‘perfect’ sound reproduction, is there still a place for rough ‘n’ ready live Rock?  Step up to the mark King King and their first ever live offering.

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