JJOB celebrate 5th Anniversary in style

Perhaps it’s the location but the atmosphere half an hour before the start of this year’s Jugend Jazz Orchester Bonn (JJOB) Anniversary Concert seemed reminiscent of waiting for curtain up on the first night of a new theatre play.  There’s no doubting though that The Pantheon is a wonderful venue for such an event.  Shortly after 8pm, the metaphorical ‘curtain’ was raised and the two Thomas’s (Kimmerle and Heck) introduced their latest show that’s been a year in the making.  Would it be a thriller, a romance,  a suspense?  Enter the band…

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The Consequence of Murder – Richard Limbert

Longtime visitors to Bonn Folk Club may well remember a fresh-faced innocent named Richard Limbert doing ‘walkabouts’ around the room with his Guild acoustic singing songs from, and inspired by, the likes of Bob Dylan and Dave Van Ronk.

Have no fear, despite the picture,  Richard hasn’t gone off the rails.  Actually, he’s doing very well musically.  2018 finds him toting a Gibson and making music in Leipzig where he moved to study some time ago.  He’s just released a new set of songs on Bandcamp and the ‘mug-shot’ picture is to go with the collection’s title ‘The Consequence of Murder’.

A fresh faced Richard in Bonn (2012)

There’s some interesting stuff on here too, from opener  ‘The Folk is Coming‘ (with a riff reminiscent of Ian Hunter’s ‘Once Bitten…’) to the Lennonesque keyboard musings of ‘North Italian Mystery’.  A quirky collection as ever from Richard, but well written, well produced and well played.

You can download the tracks HERE  – and maybe pay Richard’s bail money along the way…

Mexican Summer in Bonn with Alma de Mexico

Alma de Mexico began this years General Anzeiger ‘Sommergarten’ concerts on the Bundeskunsthalle roof in fine sartorial style on Sunday.  Clad in black outfits trimmed with shining metal clasps and  obligatory sombreros, the music was high Summer even if the weather was  less certain of the Season, as the sky strained to make any real attempt at blue, and the air resisted any urge to create a breeze – No matter, it was Mariachi Sunday.  Fiesta Time!

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New Layla Zoe double album coming

Regular Harmonie visitor Layla Zoe and local guitar man Jan Laacks are working on a new album.  Tentatively titled ‘Gemini’ after Layla’s birth sign, it’s an ambitious double album project featuring 20 tracks on a double disc – one electric and one acoustic.

As Layla describes it: “I wanted to go back to a simpler, more pure method of creating and writing and recording. My first 5 albums were made independently before I signed to my first label, and I knew that I was ready again to release my next album independently, only this time bringing with me all the tools and talents I had learned over the years”.

The release is planned for September but is dependent on pre-orders to raise the money needed for the final phases.  One of the best voices and one of the best guitarists in Blues-Rock today – you can’t go wrong! PRE-ORDER HERE

Mexican start to Sommergarten


Photo: Private

The General Anzeiger ‘Sommergarten’ Season on the Bundeskunsthalle roof is a unique experience.

This Sunday (10 June) sees the 2018 Season kick off with a Mexican flair under the Mariachi sombreros of Alma de Mexico.

The show begins at 11.30 am and finish at 2.30 pm, and in good weather there really is no better place to be in Bonn on a sunny Sunday!

For more on Sunday’s concert visit the General Anzeiger’s English Site

The full programme for 2018:

Folk Club New Orleans Style

They do get dropped in at the deep end. Poor Fil Campbell and Tom McFarland played the only Folk Club ever held in the aircraft hangar-sized Basecamp in 2015 – without microphones. Now, on their first visit since, they are sharing the evening with a Birthday celebration from New Orleans. Lucky for us that Fil and Tom are genuinely nice people – and that Bonn Folk Club seems to laugh at challenges and come out smiling.

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Sweating with Blueswater


“100 years of Blues & 60 minutes to play it”. That’s how Edinburgh Blues band The Blueswater describe their musical mission at the yearly Edinburgh Festival. Certainly, they play at an often frantic pace that suggests they might even cover all that ground in an hour. They even got an extra 30 minutes on top at Kult 41 on Sunday and sneaked in half the band for the support slot to shoe-horn in as much premium RnB as any sane, blues-loving human could hope for. Certainly, if you didn’t know by 10pm what the Blues was all about, then quite frankly, Jack – you dead!

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