Change My Game -Thorbjørn Risager & The Black Tornado (RUF 1240)

This is a CD I fed into my player with some trepidation.  Thorbjørn Risager’s previous studio release ‘Too Many Roads’  was my favourite release of 2014.  It was a special moment indeed to be present at Bonn Harmonie and see the band receive a prestigious PdSK Award  for the disc, but of course it can only have racked up the expectations for it’s successor.      The following live release (again shot at Bonn Harmonie) suggested that either the band were taking their time getting a strong new set together – or they were out of ideas.  I’m very pleased (and relieved) to say it was very definitely a case of the former.  ‘Change my Game’  could indeed even rightfully be called ‘Up my Game’ as TR and his very capable band of Black Tornados deliver everything we loved about ‘Too Many Roads’ and a whole lot more besides.

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Live Music in Bonn – Review of 2016


Steal A Taxi captivate at Stadtgarten

I would be lying if I said I found 2016 a great year for music in Bonn.  Down at the Kunstrasen:  Jan Delay, Sido, Mark Forster… not my things at all.  Chris DeBurgh without a band but with a downfall of rain.  There were bright spots of sunshine musically though in the season.  Wolfgang Niedecken was seasoned professional enough to still play a long concert despite sound restrictions – rounding off both BAP’s Anniversary Tour show and the Kunstrasen season 2016 with a thoughtful acoustic set rather than a Rocking Big Bang.  Oddly enough my favourite show of the year was a Kunstrasen one with a rocking big bang but played out in the unlikely location of the Bruckenforum.  Frank Turner and his Sleeping Souls had the hunger, the energy and the commercial tunes to remind me of what live rock music is all about at it’s best. Continue reading

English Blues is a Coming



Dr Feelgood’s Robert kane

The Blues scene is looking healthier than it has for a long time in England.  If you want proof, then check out some of the bands already booked to come Bonn’s way next year.

Danny Bryant made a lot of new fans during his Harmonie appearance in April 2015 and is a welcome visitor next January (29th)


Royston’s finest – Danny Bryant

March (14th) sees the marvelous Scottish rockers King King on a double bill with one of England’s most highly rated young Bluesers Laurence Jones – ably aided by one of my favourite bassmen Roger Innis.  March (28th) is also the month to see one of England’s all-time favourite RnB outfits, still going strong from Canvey island – Doctor Feelgood.  Much as I would love to see former Feelgood Wilko Johnson again his songs and those of Lee Brilleaux still put many a young rock band to shame in the energy department.


Laurence Jones & Roger Innis – A Dynamic Duo

Not many English Blues bands can top the Feelgood’s for legendary status but April (25th) sees one of them in the form of The Blues Band with popular Harp player and BBC presenter Paul Jones.  In the early days Jones could be heard playing alongside founding Rolling Stone Brian Jones before going on to become singer with hit band Manfred Mann.  Oh, and did I mention he hails from my own home City of Portsmouth?

With the final Brexit actions hovering there should be no better time for English musicians to be Blue.  Don’t miss!


Paul Jones – from Pompey

For these and other dates inked in for 2017 take a look below:


A Diamond evening at Bonn Folk Club

onone-copy191_sharpen-projectsWhat better on a Diamond Jubilee of an evening (Folk Club #75) than a diamond guest?  Simon Kempston promised a few years ago that he would come down to Bonn Folk Club every year in December if he had a new cd to promote – and he has, every year since.  In his first ever appearance at the new venue, Sträters Sports Bar, Simon once again had us enthralled with his blend of cutting lyrics wrapped up in delicate guitar melodies.

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