Tears For Fears – Kunst!Rasen 2019 starts on Friday

Kim Wilde at Münsterplatz last year

With the shift of Max Geisinger’s concert to mid-August the first musician to welcome Kunst!Rasen 2019 fans on 28 June is due to be  Kim Wilde.  The British Pop Queen will be opening for Tears For Fears on what looks to be one of the hottest opening evenings of Kunst!Rasen (literally) for some years.  Wilde of course captured hearts across the pond in the USA with her mega-hit ‘Kids in America’ and anyone who caught her show last year in Bonn’s Münsterplatz will attest that Wilde still has a great voice and an ear for catchy pop-rock melodies.

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SWB Sommerfestival

A cold beer and some Hot Jazz or cool cover band music – the best place for both in Summer is outside the Parkrestaurant Rheinaue.

This year’s SWB-Sommerfestival calendar has just been released.  From 8 July to 30 August you can hear plenty of familiar bands and music.

Heart & Soul will be out on ‘bad behaviour’ – 29 August

The bands Sunny Skies and Heart & Soul are long established and popular names which are sure to bring a big attendance of loyal supporters, but with the hope of sunshine this Summer the Parkrestaurant open-air stage is sure to be popular throughout the Festival. A veritable blizzard of Coverbands will be playing the music of pretty well every Superstar that’s inspired someone to cover their music: Brothers in Arms, Queen May Rock, Reggatta de Blanc, Brandy Beatles, Cocker on the Rocks, Heroes, Sticky Fingers, Sir Williams, Rod & Cher, Sissi A, Almost Pink, Eric – Where is Layla,Deezl, Eagles Reloaded etc etc…. (trying to guess the band being covered by their name is a fun game!)   Hot Jazz Boys and Kraske’s Knussperjazz, Hot Jazz GmbH, and DD Hot 5 will be bringing Jazz whilst popular non-cover band music will be (thinly) representedby  the likes of Christian Meringolo and Le Clou.

My advice, if you want to be sure of a seat and a stage view, be there early.  If you just want to listen to the music with a view of the sun setting on the Drachenfels – bring a picnic blanket!

All concerts 7.30pm to 10 pm

Click HERE for the full SWB Sommerfestival Calendar

Bluesbenders in the Park

On the face of it Bonn and Chicago don’t have too much in common.  I am glad to say though that they do share a taste in both the playing and hearing of good raw electric Blues.   The best proof local proof being Bill Baum and his Bluesbenders, who once again proved at the Trink Pavillion in Bad Godesberg that you don’t need to be living on the streets of Chicago to play mean electric Blues.  You just need to feel it – and this quartet proves, time and again, that they do just that.

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Folk Club 103 with Cynthia Nickschas

I would be a happy man indeed to make it to100.  Bonn Folk Club though has now made it to 103 and, on Friday’s evidence, it has never been healthier.  A visit from the very popular and very talented Cynthia Nickschas to Dotty’s Sports Bar was always going to draw a big and enthusiastic crowd – and so it proved.  An evening of song, laughter, and …plants.

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Dottendorf Jazz with Jürgen Spiegel and Vladyslav Sendecki

Jürgen Spiegel and Vladyslav Sendecki are two high profile international Jazz musicians.

Vladyslav Sendecki is viewed as one of the most vibrant and creative pianists on the European Jazz scene with Süddeutsche Zeitung praising him as a “master of emotion, who possesses gripping musical virtuosity.” New York’s Village Voice named him as one of the 5 currently most significant Jazz pianists in the world.   Praise also came from the late Al Jarreau: “Vladyslav Sendecki is highly ranked among the great pianists of the last 100 years, with Herbie, Chick and Duke and Jarrett.”

Jürgen Spiegel will be known to Jazz lovers as the driving rhythmical force in the highly acclaimed Tingvall Trio and, alongside Till Brönner, regarded as a “figurehead” for German Jazz Worldwide.  Spiegel has also made a name for himself as producer for a variety of music and video projects. These days the two have made Hamburg their home, where they worked on an unusual piano/drum duo project that became the acclaimed release ‘Two in the Mirror’ – breaking down the barriers between Jazz, Classical and World Music.

Spiegel & Sendecki will be appearing in Ortszentrum Dottendorf on 7 June from 8pm.  Tickets 18 Euros

Ortszentrum Dottendorf

Dottendorfer Str. 41
Bonn, NRW 53129 Deutschland
+ Google Karte

For full details (in German) visit: www.dottendorfer-ortszentrum.de


Ismael de Barcelona & Juan del Rhin in Kessenich

Proof that you don’t need big halls and big bucks to hear top notch musicians was proven by Ismael Alcalde‘s appearance on a balmy Saturday evening in the unlikely location of a public library.  As it proved though, books are not just good to read, they also provide a good acoustic environment.  The solar roof of the Stadtbucherei St Nikolaus in Bonn-Kessenich also sent soft and shimmering Summer evening light onto the 100 or so people enjoying the music.

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