Samantha Fish Interview

“Really, there are no boundaries with this. 

It’s Art and you just make the music that feels good and feels right”

In my previous interview with Samantha Fish she indicated an interest in trying out different musical styles.  In 2017 she delivered on this in style with two excellent releases: ‘Chills and Fever’ and ‘Belle of the West’.  Each of them very different from her characteristic Blues Rock style and even, to some extent, different from each other.  At the time of writing the latter is sitting proudly on top of the Billboard Blues Chart in America so it’s a good time to find out what went into the making of these releases and how they will be presented onstage.  Samantha kindly gave time for a short interview before her recent show at the Harmonie in Bonn

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Samantha Fish – Belle of Bonn


It’s not often that my favourite Bonn venue has a chart topper appearing, but this morning’s prestigious Billboard Blues Chart shows Monday’s visitor to Bonn Harmonie  debuting at the top spot with her new release ‘Belle of the West’.  A mighty achievement after a mighty concert.  She comes from Kansas City which is on the edge of America’s tornado valley, and Samantha Fish certainly blew up a musical storm in Bonn.

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Julian Sas – Feelin’ very much Alive

During an onstage  competition to win tickets for next year’s Harmonie show the question raised was, “How many times in succession has Julian Sas appeared at Bonn Harmonie?”  The winner’s answer was an incredible “sixteen”.  On this evening’s performance though no one would bet against celebrating a quarter century of shows here in 2026.  Heck, what price a half century of shows in 2051?  Three things in life seem to be certain: death, taxes, and Julian Sas in November.

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Stealing Hearts & Taxis

Pop, Funk, Rock, Soul, with a bit of synthesizer… Bonn band Steal a Taxi claim to cover a lot of musical ground.  Far simpler to avoid all classifications except just one:  Good or Bad?  I’m sure George Orwell would have given them a definite “Double plus good” and, not surprisingly for a band who have appeared many times already on this site, I would very definitely agree.  Sunday saw the band play their last show of 2017 to a big and enthusiastic crowd at Bonn Harmonie.

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Bonn Festival – 10 Nov 2017

Blumchenknicker (60 of 290)-Edit_DeNoise_SHARPEN projects

Local heroes Blümchenknicker (pictured above) and Letlowe (AKA Millennia) will be at Brückenforum as a part of the Bonn Festival.  With twelve events throughout Bonn for a special price of 9.99 Euros the Festival is especially aimed at a young public that enjoys not just music but also theatre, comedy and partying.  If that’s you (and even if it isn’t there might well be something for you to enjoy!) check the full Festival details  HERE