Jazz Magic at Alten Zoll

Aileen_Phoenix-6305You have to love outdoor concerts in Bonn.  Rather like English busses, there’s nothing and then they all arrive at once.  In the case of  Bonn, ‘at once’ means Friday and Saturday nights right now.  Today it was the turn of Stadtgarten and Rheinaue to divide my attentions as prizewinning music at Alten Zoll vied with cover music from finest.  Aileen Phoenix, JinJim and Sunny Skies.  I wish such high carat choices had to be made more often!

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Back on the Jazz Tube


Dirk Schaadt at Uni/Markt

Hard to believe as it is we are now into the 5th year of Jazz Tube.  In that time it has become hard to imagine there not being a short reason to break journeys to and from work – even to just go to a tubestation with no intention of getting a train or tram (unless it’s to get to another band on the jazztube circuit!)

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Back to the Tube

JazzTube14_08_15-10-Edit_DeNoiseGood news for users of the Deutsche Bahn is a rarity but here’s some:  Jazz Tube is back!

The fifth season of this highly succesful competition Begins on 26 August and finishes with the Grand Finale at Bonn LVR-Landesmuseum on 23 October.  In between are six days packed with music at the tram stops Bonn Hauptbahnhof, Universität/Markt and Heusallee/Museumsmeile (the latter on Fridays only)

For times and places check the Jazztube website HERE and If you’re thinking “Jazz what?” or want to know more of the story behind the competition there is an interview with founder and organizer Thomas Kimmerle HERE

Oh – and don’t forget to vote!

The Blues comes to Town

BaumsBluesbenders-5764With Jazz fans having a regular meeting place to hear their favourite music live in the Summer air at Rheinaue, t’s about time that us Bluesers had the chance to enjoy our music outside of a dark and sweaty indoor hall.  Well done therefore to Hans Joachim Over for introducing a Blues Night to his highly ejoyable Alten Zoll Season.

It wasn’t an evening for youth, with the three bands totalling existences of almost 60 years between them – but you wouldn’t have known it by seeing the enthusiasm and hearing the music.

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Egyptian Film music and HipHop

MemoriaSound-5608Let it not be said that the musical offerings at this years Alten Zoll  Stadtgarten Concerts are predictable.  Friday nights mix was a case in point as ’20 Years of  the UNO in Bonn saw Reggae cum HipHop band Memoria Sound and Tabadoul Orchestras tribute to Egyptian singer/composer Abdel Wahab make for an eclectic evening of musical delights

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Two’s Good Company at Kunstgarten


Bonn Folk Club regulars will recognise the duo pictured here onstage at the Bonn Kunstgarten on Friday. Zwei von Zwei (Stephan Weidt and Ulrike Maria Hund) are popular at the monthly Club meetings where the normal limit is three songs in a set for local acts.

Good therefore to have the chance to catch more of their thoughtful lyrics and relaxing guitar/flute mix after a week of work.  With a big stage not so far away to their right in the form of Jazz at the Rheinaue and another to their left in the form of Reggae/Folk at the Stadtgarten a big audience was never likely to happen – but those that did stop for a drink by the ‘lake’ got to enjoy an excellent contemporary singer/songwriter set and proved that we have a lot of great local talent here in Bonn to be proud of.