Ernst-Ludwig Hartz Interview

Photo: E.L. Hartz Promotion

Laying down the law to Lemmy Kilmister,  taking a chance on a new band named Coldplay, Just a couple of the memories recalled by Bonn’s top concert promoter Ernst-Ludwig Hartz in an interview this week with Deutschlandrundfunk.
To hear the interview (in German) go to the link HERE and click on the bottom of the image where ‘Hören’ is displayed.
(available for seven days from 18.02.18)

Mitch Ryder Show Cancelled

Mitch Ryder in Bonn (2015)

Blues fans in particular will be sorry to hear that health problems have meant that Mitch Ryder’s upcoming tour of Europe has had to be cancelled.

His scheduled show at Bonn Harmonie on 4 March has now been re-scheduled for 24 February 2019, with tickets for the 2018 show being valid for next year.

The end for Rockaue


The announced insolvency of Bonn’s Rockaue Music Festival is another blow to live music in the City.  What went wrong?  A free festival attracting 200,000 people became an inexpensive one finally attracting less than 10,000.  A look at the short life of a festival with long traditions.

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Vanya Sky Interview

“Blues are the only thing that makes me happy.  Isn’t that ironic?”  (‘Lost Love’ from the debut CD’)

At Bonn Harmonie on Thursday, remembering his late father Luther as a front runner of the electric Blues, Bernard Allison called her “The newcomer, coming along to pull up the rear end”.  She’s the newcomer on this year’s Blues Caravan Tour.  Talking to Vanja Sky after the show I asked for her favourite Rory Gallagher track and got a long list back – it would have been longer but Mike Zito reminded her there were a queue of people patiently waiting with CD’s in hand for autographs.  With such an obvious enthusiasm for Rory 3songsbonn took an immediate liking to the young Croatian and asked to send a few questions her way.  She was kind enough to do so next day.  On the evidence of Thursday’s performance this girl is going to be around for quite a while on the Blues scene, so here is where your knowledge of Vanja Sky and her music starts.  Where it ends is up to the lady herself.  The sky, as they say, is the limit…

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The Caravan Keeps Rolling


Where RUF Records are concerned thirteen is very far from unlucky.  With two top acts it was probably the best value for money Blues Caravan ever that rolled into the Bonn Harmonie on Thursday and there’s no doubting that Bernard Allison, Mike Zito and newcomer to the RUF label Vanja Sky make for  an unforgettable evening if you love Blues played from the heart and sung from the soul.

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Blues Caravan 2018

Mike Zito and Bernard Allison need no introduction of course.  Vanja Sky?  The young lady from Zagreb has a new CD just released and named after the Rory Gallagher hit ‘Bad Penny’ which she covers on the her new disc.  Curious?  I am! Find out on Thursday (25 Jan) at the Harmonie.