Re-living The Golden Age of Rock n Roll with Ian Hunter

Before music became his life Mott The Hoople’s legendary frontman had no career ambitions.  „I did everything, Goods in, Goods out, lathe-turner, milkman…“  Ian Hunter told me in a pre-show interview.  Bonn Harmonie was the place to see what he did best though – sing Rock ‘n’ Roll.  Seventy eight years young, there’s still an energy about Hunter’s performance, and the voice, thankfully, is as gloriously, raspingly, eloquent as ever.

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Goodbye Millennia, Hello Letlowe – Debut CD ‘Relations’

I think it’s a first – at least to my knowledge.  A band  introduces not only it’s debut CD but also a new name on the same evening.  Reigning Toys 2Masters winners  Millennia certainly made an impact at the RPZ Centre in Bad Godesberg to introduce their very first release ‘Relations’  to a capacity crowd.  The impact started before a note was played as a banner was unfurled behind the drumkit proclaiming the new name Letlowe.

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JazzTube Week 3

Moritz Preisler Trio

Hard to believe but we’ve now reached the halfway point in this year’s JazzTube.  Week three saw the usual enjoyable mix of styles that has come to characterize the Tube where three stages offer the musical equivelants of carrots, chalk and cheese.  Different colours, styles and flavours  with only that ethereal chameleon called Jazz to link them.

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Marion, Sobo & Friends + Jazz Magic

It’s been a busy time for Jazz fans in Bonn.  The JazzFest itself  has been drawing enthusiastic crowds with top musicians recently, but you don’t have to spend 40 Euros to have a great night of excellent quality Jazz music, as my visit to Fabrik 45 proved on a hot, sunny Saturday evening.  The music came from the Marion & Sobo Group and if it went down like melted honey that’s as much a statement about it’s high quality as about the heat inside the concert hall.

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Walter Trout – Very much Alive

DSC_8623_DxOOkay, it’s not Bonn, but I know a great many readers are Blues fans and Stollwerk is only a tram ride away in Cologne.  That’s how I excuse leaving Bonn on Saturday – oh, and the fact that it was a rare chance to see the legendary Walter Trout after his paperthin brush with the grim reaper.  But honestly, with Danny Bryant and Layla Zoe also on offer,  what else could a poor boy do?  Cologne and the very first Blues Alive Festival, here I come…

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Bonn Folk Club is 80


I’m getting a bit of aggravation from John Harrison over this one.  Having heard that Folk Club #80 was getting a visit from the television crew at WDR on Friday I suggested that this was ‘interesting’ given that the guest spot for the evening was Kathy Freeman, described on Wikipedia as a member of a 70’s punk band ‘The Accelerators‘ and later linked with such un-folkish genres as Trash Rock and Punk-Metal.  YouTube led me to this  Video of Kathy in action that supported my  research.  Not that I had visions of telly viewers thinking Bonn Folk Club was all safety pins and pogo-ing mohican haircutted mobs.  But who knew what would happen?  Well of course, John did.  He was right – as always.

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