Stadtmusik – Singing in the Rain

Red County Jail

I remember the press conference for Stadtmusik 2017.  I had  this vision of standing by numerous stages, cold beer in one hand and Nikon in the other.  Meandering down Sternstrasse from the Marktplatz to the stages at Bottlerplatz and Friesenplatz in blazing sunshine, worrying that my sun lotion supply would be inadequate for a whole day in the open air.  God though took pity on my concern and sent me… rain.   Not the quick shower, wet and gone, variety either but the drizzles all day down your neck kind.  Some twenty bands between 2pm and 10pm.  Only good music could save me.  It did.

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Beergardens and Blues Shacks

In amongst the Jazz and cover bands something stirs at the Restaurant Rheinaue.  It’s toe tapping, it’s fun and it’s Blue!

Bonita and the Blues Shacks are back in town and if someone hadn’t told me they were from Hildesheim I would never have guessed they hailed from this side of the ocean.  Get your dancing shoes on for some guitar thumping, harp wailing Jump Blues at it’s finest.

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Stadtmusik Festival Bonn on Saturday

David Nevory Band – 6.30pm Stadtgarten

If you live outside of Bonn then this coming Saturday would be an ideal time to visit the City Centre.  Stadtmusik 2017 is a one day music festival that promises to be worth a visit for all music lovers.

From 2pm until 10pm there will be live music to enjoy, offering some of the best musicians from the area, and there is sure to be someone to discover for the first time.  Stages at Bottlerplatz, Friedensplatz and Markt will keep you  well entertained until early evening when the Stadtgarten offers a full programme at Alter Zoll including David Nevory and finishing with Southern Hard Rockers Red County Jail to round off a busy day of live music pleasure!

Check the full programme HERE

Baum’s Bluesbenders – Sunny Sunday Blues

The Blues Brothers had it right “Can’t play the Blues in an air-conditioned room” they proclaimed.   Does the same hold for a a sunny Summer day?  Local hero Bill Baum put it to the test on Sunday.  Blue skies with white fluffy clouds and sunshine threatening to turn white skin intoblack toast.  Over in the corner there’s a table with champaigne bottles cooling in an ice bucket.  On The Bundeskunsthalle Roof this morning the Blues never had it so good it seems.  Over to you Baum’s Bluesbenders

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Stadtgarten Jazz

I remember feeling quite inspired at the recent press presentation of the Alten Zoll Open Air Festival 2017.  An interesting start to this year’s Stadtgarten Season was promised and indeed has now been delivered:  An evening of Rap/Hip Hop followed by an evening of cool Jazz.  A little doubting bell inside my head was ringing with a voice questioning “But will it work though?” I can’t speak for the Rap/Hip Hop although the verdict of those I spoke to who caught it remembered it most for its expletives.

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Bromo – Munsterplatz

If you missed ‘Brother Movement aka Bromo at Munsterplatz on Saturday performing, amongst other material in an enjoyable set, ‘Englishman in New York’ then here’s some good news – some pictures from the set are available HERE.
Even better news for fans of the twins is that you can catch them again in Bonn Centre on Saturday as a part of the Stadtmusik 2017 live event at 3 pm on Friedensplatz.

Music – Open Air and Free!

Sophie Grobler/Bill Baum

This should be an excellent weekend for getting  some fresh air if you live in the Bonn area and enjoy live music.

The Stadtgarten Concerts on the Alten Zoll have just begun and Saturday features a collaboration with Jazz Tube that sees The Alex Wünsche Trio and Luciel (featuring Sophie Grobler pictured above).  Start 7pm. Details HERE

Sunday it’s the only chance to catch a whole show of Blues on the Bundeskunsthalle roof this year as local Blues heroes Baum’s Bluesbenders will be appearing as part of the General Anzeiger Sommergarten Season..  Rumour has it that Mr Baum will be bringing a rare electric Waldzither to the show.  With or without zither it will be a great show I’m sure (11.30 am to 2.30 pm)