More Gary from Henrik

Gary Moore had gone to bed after a quiet evening eating and drinking with friends in Spain.  It was February 2011 and some hours later I was leaving a concert at the Harmonie in Bonn when the news swept round the hall that Moore was dead of a heart attack at only 58.  Fitting then for me to be back at that same venue with Henrik Freischlader and two members of Gary’s final band paying the great Irish Bluesman tribute.

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Three cheers for the Young Folk

IF0131Bonn Folk Club number 79 might well have set a record for the average age of it’s performers at around 18 years.  No, John Harrison and co haven’t discovered a fountain of youth long hidden away in the nearby Kottenforst, the average was largely formed by fresh faced youngsters from, as Steve wryly put it, the nearby suburb of Bonn known to locals as Cologne.  The evening was, as John Harrison described with a particular emphasis that will become apparent, ‘Seltsam’ (unusual)

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Street Music


As always, great to see music bringing the City Centre in Bonn to life in the sunshine today.
Here Neva Brass from Saint-Petersburg play a swinging March of the Swiss Soldiers’, the finale of Gioachino Rossini’s ‘William Tell’ Overture (or as I knew it before checking Wikipedia ‘The Lone Ranger Theme’!)


Pantheon Jazz Premiere with Dusko Goykovich


Photo: Thomas Eder

With the legendary old Pantheon live venue now just a pile of rubble the new Pantheon in Beuel Siegburgerstrasse has an illustrious history to live up to.  Jazz-wise that starts on Monday (3 April) with celebrated trumpeter and Bandleader Dusko Goykovich .  In a long and illustrious career Serbia born Goykovich  has played and recorded with legends Chet Baker, Stan getz and Sonny Rollins and been a key part of top bands including that of Woody Herman.  Dizzy Gillespie and Miles Davis are amongst the legends who have rated him highly, which is about as great a set of recommendations a Jazz player could get.

Backing will be by the top-notch  Bonn Jazz Orchestra.

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April in Bonn

DSC_6752It’s always a pleasure to go into town on a sunny day and find live music making it even sunnier.  Sonja’s in Friedrichstrasse kicked off it’s 2017 Jazz Season with the always charming vintage Jazz tones of Astatine.  It was wonderful to hear a part of Ana Maria Leistikow‘s current live homage to Cole Porter.  Was that the intro to ‘Stairway to Heaven’ Vlad Vashenko slipped in before Eddie Fisher’s ‘Bluebird’?

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Feeling good at the Harmonie

Fate is a curious thing.  Too young to catch Muddy Waters, I was however lucky enough to catch BB King onstage.  I missed out on Hendrix, but then many a young guitar star would envy my seeing Rory Gallagher in his prime.  With regard to today’s music, I was slightly too young to catch Dr Feelgood with Wilko Johnson but I did catch them one memorable evening at Portsmouth Polytechnic with Lee Brilleaux.  Swings and Roundabouts as they say.  But where in this musical ‘fairground’ do the present Dr Feelgood stand in all this?  I would have said, as many indeed have, that a Feelgood without Wilko and Lee isn’t Feelgood – yet I still look forward to the gigs and have never been disappointed by the show.

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