Folk Club Bonn – On Tour

A year ago I could not have imagined writing the words ‘Folk Club Bonn’ and ‘Harmonie’ in the same sentence. Even sitting down with co-owner of the venue Kolli to discuss a possible show there recently was surreal. Here it is then – the sentence in cold black and white for perpetuity: “Folk Club Bonn on Tour from the Harmonie“.

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New Henrik Freischlader Music Coming In December

Good news and bad news from the man in the Stetson Cap – Good news is that Mr Henrik Freischlader has a new disc set for release.  The Bad news is that we will have to wait until 4th December to lay our hands on ‘Missing Pieces’.  But why don’t I just let Henrik explain?  …and play some extracts from the new disc too!

Veronique Gayot live at Rockpalast

“I play each night as if it were my last” are the words of Veronique Gayot in an interview with Rockpalast made before tonights Harmonie show.   True to her words, the French Blues Rocker delivered a killer set filled with an emotional intensity that seemed oblivious to the restricted audience size.  If ever music was the medicine it was tonight – ‘Dr’ Gayot will see you now…

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Jolly Hockey Sticks – Folk Club Woodstock Edition

So, ladies and gentlemen, who was that masked man behind the microphone on the hockey pitch stage on Friday at Dotty’s?   One thing is for sure, it wasn’t the Lone Ranger, or Batman either for that matter.  A Superhero was not required.  No one needed rescuing on this 114th edition of Folk Club Bonn.  Or was it the 2nd edition of Folk Club Bonn Lite?  Historians are feverishly working on this conundrum as I write.  They will be in agreement at any rate that it was a relatively warm breeze which blew across the Hockey Pitch and that when raindrops did fall occasionally, they were generally warm, soft and far between each other.  Much better in fact than an evening pre-named ‘Woodstock Revisited’ had any right to wish for.  Again, I say unto you: God is a Folk Club fan.

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Sean Taylor – Coming to Bonn in November


One listen to this video will tell you that Londoner Sean Taylor doesn’t hold back when it comes to putting his thoughts into a song.  If you’ve heard his recent release ‘Live in London’ you’ll know there are plenty more great songs where this one came from.  Mojo magazine described him as ”Articulate, compelling … brilliant”  High praise indeed, but judge for yourself on 29 November when Sean brings his mesmerizing fusion of Americana, blues, folk, spoken word and social commentary to the Harmonie in Bonn.

Admission is strictly limited – so book your seat in good time!  Tickets available HERE



Mr Music closing at the end of 2020


Very sad news for music lovers and indeed for the City Centre of Bonn – The end of this year will also be the end of CD and vinyl shop Mr Music. After almost thirty years selling records, CD’s and concert tickets in the centre of Bonn, Shop owner Bernie Gelhausen is  finally closing down.   Here is his announcement on the Mr Music website translated into english:

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Boogie in the Bonn sunshine with the Stefan Ulbricht Trio

Another beautiful start of Autumn Sunday (that seemed like more of a mid-Summer SUNday) outside the Parkrestaurant Rheinaue.  This afternoon’s guests were the Stefan Ulbricht Boogie Trio, who answered all of their description perfectly – being a trio and playing boogie piano.  No complaints from me then, or the many people enjoying a cool beer or glass of wine on the trestle tables that seem to stretch far into the distance and beyond.

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Jazz Guitar with Ali Claudi

Don’t tell the weather, but it’s now Autumn.  Better keep quiet and enjoy sunny days with good music in the open-air.  Speaking of which… The Park restaurant Rheinaue still has some live music up its sleeve between now and the end of September.  This Sunday it was the turn of Jazz guitarist Ali Claudi and his Trio to do the entertaining – which they did in fine style.

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