Kessenich Autumn Market 2019

Rockabilly Hellraisers

After last week’s trip up to Cologne, this one was a lot closer to home.  The Kessenicher Herbstmarkt may not have the kudos of Poppelsdorf’s Street Festival, but it has a good turn-out of visitors and the musicians all clearly enjoy playing – wish I could say that for some of the professional bands that charge big bucks for small enthusiasm.

Give it up then for my photo gallery of B-Five Bluesband, Room Service and The Rockabilly Hellraisers.  Three bands who, in between the beer and Bratwurst stalls, time-warped us back in music history.  I only recall hearing one original song during my visit, but it was one written about Kessenich (from the B-Fivers).  Also, a shout out to The Rockabilly Hellraisers from Nahetal for their version of Queens ‘Crazy Little Thing Called Love’.
For my impressions of the musicians playing during the afternoon click below…




Little Hurricane Blow Into Cologne

It’s not very often that you see Blues-Rock being played by just a drummer and guitarist.  It’s rarer still for the drummer to be both female and pregnant.  Welcome to the unconventional musical World of CC and Tone aka Little Hurricane as the duo bring their very individual brand of Lo-Fi-Indie Rock to Cologne’s Luxor venue.  3songsbonn generally stays true to the name.  Every so often though there are bands playing not too far away that are just too promising to draw boundaries on.

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Win Free Admission to Physical Graffiti at the Harmonie

Blues fans will know Andrew Elt through his work with Walter Trout but he is also singer with top Led Zeppelin cover-band Physical Grafitti
3songbonn has two guest tickets for the concert on Sunday 29 Sept at Bonn Harmonie to give away.

To win, just send an email to with subject/Betreff  ‘Competition’ and answer this question:

Where was the stairway that Led Zeppelin sang about leading to?

The first correct answer wins two guest passes!

(In association with ELH Promotion)


Richard Limbert – ‘Richard Limbert’ (Timezone Records)

It’s hard to believe that Richard Limbert is now 27.  I still have this picture in my minds-eye of a lively but slightly shy teenager wielding a twelve-string guitar at Bonn Folk Club.  Then one day he left the ‘stage’ and went for an audience walk-about with guitar in hand – almost certainly singing a Dylan song as he went.  Things were never the same again with Richard – thankfully.


Richard Limbert seems to have been a free spirit since that day.  His walking has sadly taken him to Leipzig (to study Musicology – what else?!) and his music has matured along with his age as a new CD, titled simply ‘Richard Limbert’ proves.  The CD came out last week and a release party at Tonelli’s in Leipzig was by all accounts a great success.  Time then to take a close look at where Bonn Folk Club’s ‘wandering son’ is now musically…

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Poppelsdorfer Strassenfest with Winterfeld & Sunny Skies

The Poppelsdorfer Strassenfest has become a popular place to be over the years.  Indeed, by 7pm I usually feel like an ant trying to cross a motorway without getting knocked down or indeed, squashed flat.  Good news then that two bands I wanted to catch were due onstage before that watershed time of chaos.  Winterfeld and Sunny Skies were the bands in question – yes, Sunny Skies playing whilst the sun was actually in the sky…

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Dottendorf Blues Festival- Day 1

Now in its third year, the annual Blues Festival in Dottendorf’s Jazz stronghold at the Ortszentrum is a welcome event that really should attract a lot more attention than it does. Under the watchful eye of local Blues afficianado Bill Baum, you can be sure of quality music at an attractive price. This year’s event kicked off with an interesting combination of local youngsters the Chain Gang Kings and top Bielefeld Blues Man Michael Merwyk who has gigs with Larry Garner and guest appearances with Big Daddy Wilson to the credit of his CV as well as a super 2nd place in the 2013 Memphis International Blues Challenge.

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Folk Club #105


Special Guest at this month’s Bonn Folk Club  Johannes (Hannes) Epremian from the band Le Clou looks very serious in my opening picture, and so he should – he’s playing The Blues Cajun Style.  John Harrison (with Eva on violin) though, as always had the first bite at this evening’s theme of Stormy Weather, and gobbled up the obvious choice with relish – Arlen and Hoehler’s classic of that very name that first saw the light of day with Ethel Waters in the early 1930s.  It’s been covered since by everyone – from Bing Crosby to Bob Dylan – and is probably as familiar to the people of this planet as oxygen.  A song that you would almost expect new-born babies to recognize.

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Stadtgarten Finale 2019

All good things must come to an end, and so it was that a shower of glitter from the handheld keyboard of Markus Schinkel and a shower of rain from the Heavens marked the final night of the final weekend of this year’s marvellous Stadtgarten Season down by the Alten Zoll in Bonn. The music over the two nights from MT Wizard, Missine+Tripstoic, Dad’s Phonkey, Jin Jim and finally Markus Schinkel Voyager IV was always varied, always high quality and rewarded with an audience that stayed in large numbers throughout, come what may musically.

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