WIN TICKETS – Danny Bryant and Wille and the Bandits

Danny Bryant

3songsbonn is offering free entrance to the coming concerts by Danny Bryant Bigband – 5 May and Wille & The Bandits 10 May at the Harmonie in Bonn.
To win just write the name of the concert you would like to attend in the subject section of an email to

Writers of the first reply received for each concert will be added to the guestlist on the door for themselves and a companion.

Wille Edwards (Wille and the Bandits)

Grafenwerth Concert Season 2022

ZAZ (1 July)

Bonn-based concert agency E.-L. Hartz Promotion is bringing a new Season to the open-air site on the Grafenwerth Island in Bonn. It was here that US-American folk icon Joan Baez performed as part of her long farewell tour, and visitors from that 2019 concert season will know that the venue has a special atmosphere – with the Siebengebirge on one side, and the Rhine on the other, plus major musical artists onstage in the middle of course!

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Folk Club Bonn – 1 April

This week’s special guest at Bonn Folk Club is top Canadian singer/songwriter David Blair.

2G+ rules apply, so come early and get a test at Dotty’s before the show.

Date: 01 April 2022

Start: 19.00 hrs; end approx. 21.00 hrs.Doors open 17:00 hrs. There will be no break.

Venue: as always at Dotty’s Sports Bar and Restaurant (formerly Sträters Sports Bar) (Public clubhouse of the Bonn Tennis and Hockey Club – BTHV), Christian-Miesen-Straße, 53129 Bonn (Dottendorf)

Important info:

– The following applies to all participants (including musicians): Only persons who present proof that they have been fully vaccinated or have recovered and have also been tested (proof not older than 24 hours) will be admitted (there is a testing station directly at the venue which will be open until 7.00 pm).So do plan to arrive at the venue preferably prior to 18:30 hrs!

This is not a requirement of the state of NRW, but the Folk Club team has decided to require immunisation plus testing for precautionary reasons. As there are numerous places where you can get tested for free, including the testing station in front of the BTHV, there should also be no problem meeting the small additional requirement.

There is no requirement to wear a mask, but a mask should be put on when leaving your seat.People who feel more comfortable wearing a mask can of course continue to do so whilst seated, if that is their wish.

– Anyone wishing to listen and gain access to the event area must provide name(s), address(es) and telephone number(s). For practical reasons, we ask that you register in advance by email (see below for address; data will be deleted four weeks after the event).

– Please bring warm clothes, the Folk-Club team will take care of the entertainment.

– Our host will again offer mulled wine and warm soup.

Registration at: fcbonnlite AT gmail dot com (of course spelled correctly with @ and .). Please use this address only and do not press “reply”. Such a mail unfortunately ends up in a rat tail attached to the original mail and runs the greatest risk of being overlooked. This is unfortunately an unpleasant feature of Googlemail. If you use the special mail address for your registration, this will not happen.

And the most important thing: as always, admission is free. 

Local Ambassadors of the World

Whoever said that good things never last wasn’t thinking of Bonn’s ‘Over The Border’ Festival. Now in its 6th year, with the World in turmoil, we need music that embraces diversity from every corner of the planet more than ever in 2022. Sunday’s traditional opening ‘taster’ concert at the Harmonie certainly created positive energy aplenty and suggested there will be a lot to savor until 9 April.

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From 20 March, the City of Bonn will once again host the region’s
first large-scale indoor festival of 2022 Over The Border

“Culture, as we know, cannot be contained,” says organizer Manuel Banha.

“As a result of globalization, people come together all over the world, they communicate, exciting things happen. Bonn is the
perfect place for such a festival. This dialogue is more important than ever.”

Opening concert on 20.03.22 The Harmonie

The aim of the Across The Border concert series is to make musical and social developments visible. Many people grow
up with two cultures and carry these two cultures equally in their hearts.

On different concert stages in Bonn, the Festival will be presenting innovative cross-cultural performers from
all continents, as well as familiar faces from the region’s musical local ambassadors.

Marion & Sobo Band in ‘Doppelpack’ 26-27 March – Harmonie

It will be important to convince those interested in culture to take part in face-to-face events again, where they can feel safe and relaxed and have an enjoyable concert experience.  It is also necessary to give young bands the perspectives they had before the lockdown. Newcomers will be given the opportunity to perform and present their projects that were paused. In this context, it is also necessary to intensify the artistic network of local musicians with international artists.


Blues Caravan 2022 – All Wheels Rolling

Blues music at The Harmonie, my favourite Bonn venue, and with it’s 2G+ rule tonight, a proper standing-up/unmasked audience for the first time in what seems like centuries. The musicians on the poster have gone through a couple of name changes – no one outside is entirely sure who will be onstage inside – in the event it’s Ghalia Volt, Katie Henry and, after last minute cancellations and phone calls, Will Jacobs. To be honest, no one I saw before the show was too concerned who would be playing – it was the RUF Records Blues Caravan for goodness sake. Have faith in Thomas Ruf. Has he ever let us down?!

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Folk Club Bonn 121–Make Music Not War

It seems like a lifetime since the basic decisions before a Folk Club evening were: Who plays? When is their slot? Who will be next month’s guest star? Since Covid came along, working out ‘the basics’ has seemed like a luxury. So it is then, that in the first week of March 2022, John Harrison had far wider problems to consider. On or Off? Inside or Outside? 2G or 2G+? Who checks the entries on the door against the attendance emails? It was all the more amazing then that we still had a full evening of quality Folk music to enjoy at Dotty’s.

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