Jazz im Biergarten with Stefan Ulbricht

Down at the Parkrestaurant in the Rheinaue something is stirring… It’s a new music season.
Every day between now and 27 August there will be music to hear with a cool drink in the Summer air. Monday to Saturday the music is varied but kicks off at 7.30 pm. Sunday though is Jazz day. The concerts here take place between 2 and 5pm, as with today’s offering of Boogie Woogie Blues from Stefan Ulbricht and his Trio (Ulbricht, Paul G. Ulrich und Jan Koeckstadt).

Nothing too fancy, or too fine, just good-time music with boogie piano at its heart. ‘My Blue Heaven’, Seintimental Journey, Louis Jordan’s ‘Choo Choo Boogie’ (sung by bass player Paul G. Ulrich). All good fun and delivered with a smile from the band. What more do you want from a Sunday afternoon Jazz fans? Sunday at Rheinaue is your day – and it’s free. There’s a Schnelltest Centre in case you haven’t been double vaccinated yet and my tip for ‘dancers’ is to do your thing outside of the beer garden itself – inside it’s sadly banned to dance. Also, bring some patience when ordering a drink – two waitresses for the whole beer garden concert area is hard on the feet of the waitresses and the throats of the thirsty visitors. Otherwise, a perfect way to relax on a Sunday afternoon amongst friends for music fans.

New video for upcoming Samantha Fish CD

It’s been too long since we saw Samantha Fish playing here in Bonn.  My last pictures are from 2017, and she has certainly come a long way from those early shows here with RUF’s Blues Caravan.

With a string of top-selling Blues/Americana CD’s under her belt, Samatha is back with a new disc on 10 September.  She worked with producer Martin Kierszenbaum (Lady Gaga, Sting) on her impending release titled ‘Faster’, and word is that this could be her big crossover album.

If 10th September seems too long to wait for new material, enjoy ‘Twisted Ambition’.  As Samantha explains:  “It’s all about flipping the power structure, the power dynamic, in your life. The world or a personal figure might be putting you down; it’s about taking control and owning your life and owning the situation.”  Samantha Fish seems well in control of her ‘situation’ right now.  Expect great things in September, and in the meantime enjoy the video.

R.I.P. Al Collins 1960-2021

3songsbonn is sad to hear that Al Collins died on Tuesday (July 6).

As bassist of the legendary Jason & the Scorchers band, Collins was the driving force behind much of what came out of Nashville and Atlanta in terms of roots rock’n’roll, making a formidable rhythm section alongside Pontius Snibb on drums.   Bonn music fans though will know him as the always smiling man behind Stacie Collins with his ‘AL mighty Band’.  He was the  Bandleader,  and always had a smile for me too when we met.  My last message from Al was him asking if I had any good shots he could use from the last Stacie Collins show in Bonn.

Most importantly of course he was Stacie’s husband.  They had a chemistry together on stage that just oozed good feeling, and Al had one of those infectious smiles that if you were watching the show from his side of the stage you would come away with a grin as big as the one he had.   I love musicians who clearly love being musicians – that was Allen J. Collins.  RIP Al Mighty.

There is a TRIBUTE CENTRE online for anyone wishing to send their respects and memories of Al.



SWB Sommerfestival 2021

Heart & Soul – 6 July

The SWB Summerfestival Concert season at Park Restaurant Rheinaue kicks off this weekend with a double anniversary.  25 Years of its Sommerfestival season and 30 years since the first Jazz im Biergarten.  Hats off to Walter Schnabel for organizing two mammoth festival seasons at short notice – Whilst it does seem like he has a check-list of mainly cover-bands who pretty much write the itinerary each year, they still have to fit together.  sad to see a piece of the ‘jigsaw’ missing with the absence of Sunny Skies – hopefully a tribute for the late Rope Schmitz will be organized soon with concerts starting to fall into place, although restrictions on attendance  will probably mean waiting a little longer for that show given Rope’s popularity.

The  Jazz season runs from 4 July to 26 September, and the Summerfestival from 5 July to 27 September, and there is a lot to choose from.  Some recommendations from 3songs:  Heart & Soul (Blues Brothers Tribute) 6 July (pictured), Sticky Fingers (Rolling Stones cover), 22 July, AG and the Motel Kings (RnR; Jump Jive, RnB) 12 August, Le Clou (Swamp Groove) 19 August, Texas Heat (Johnny Cash tribute) 23 August.

Astatine Interview

Ana Maria Leistikow, better known in Bonn as Astatine, has come a long way since she first started singing in her Romanian hometown on the banks of the Danube.  In 2007 she moved to Germany, and next week she is set to open this year’s ‘Unter Der Zeder’ season in Bad Godesberg on Monday (5 July) with a sold-out show.   3songs sat down with her to talk about the last few months as a singer during Covid, about her upcoming projects, and of course, Monday’s concert!

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Freischlader band dissolved- concerts cancelled

Bad news for all Henrik Freischlader fans out there – the band has now split up with all planned concerts cancelled until further notice, including his scheduled Harmonie appearance on 26 October.

Here is the official announcement from Henrik:

“Dear Blues lovers,

it’s been a while since my last post and I hope that you’re all well.

Sadly, I’ve got some bad news to share with you today: The band has split up. Due to the long break, a lot of things have changed for us as well and new paths have been taken. In addition, the reality we’ve all been used to is yet to be restored – it still needs some patience and hope until such time arrives. The music is too emotional for me for a dry The Show Must Go On. The time will be used differently then, maybe I will record an album, but definitely put together a new band. So again a new beginning! I really hope that live concerts and festivals will reclaim what made them so unique in the past: Closeness and freedom for us all!”

Until then I still look forward to your letters and wish you all the best.

God bless, Henrik”