Dottendorf Blues Festival- Day 1

Now in its third year, the annual Blues Festival in Dottendorf’s Jazz stronghold at the Ortszentrum is a welcome event that really should attract a lot more attention than it does. Under the watchful eye of local Blues afficianado Bill Baum, you can be sure of quality music at an attractive price. This year’s event kicked off with an interesting combination of local youngsters the Chain Gang Kings and top Bielefeld Blues Man Michael Merwyk who has gigs with Larry Garner and guest appearances with Big Daddy Wilson to the credit of his CV as well as a super 2nd place in the 2013 Memphis International Blues Challenge.

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Dottendorf Blues Festival

Bonn Blues fans will be pleased to hear that Dottendorf is holding its Annual Blues Festival this weekend (13-14 Sept)


Michael van Merwyk

Guests on Friday are Bonn retro-bluesers The Chain Kings and German Blues Award winner Michael van Merwyk who has played alongside Larry Garner and Big Daddy Wilson.

Guests on Saturday are A G and the Motel Kings with Jump/westcoast Blues.

Should be a good evening for the Blues!

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JazzTube Week 2

JazzTube week 2 was a relatively peaceful affair musically speaking.  Three tube stations and three bands for whom mood and atmosphere were paramount.  A perfect way to wind down after a hectic week’s work courtesy of Stadtwerke Bonn in fact.

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You had to get there early for a good place on the grass beside the Stadtgarten Stage.  Perfect weather for a picnic with free music was on offer on both Friday courtesy of Die Musikstation and Saturday courtesy of PopCamp.  Seven bands in two nights, so there really was something for everyone, and if a band didn’t catch your attention then there was always a chance to sunbathe or share a bottle of wine with friends.  Bonn Summer Magic was indeed in the air!

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Jazz Tube Week 1

This Friday saw the first evening of bands hoping to make it to 11 October when the musicians most voted for will appear in the Jazz Tube Final at the Pantheon Theatre.

As ever, there was a feeling that choosing a favourite was a matter of choosing between chalk and cheese.  Three very able concerts delivered with three styles that were poles apart but all great to hear.

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Stadtgarten Magic

If you missed last night’s Stadtgarten concert at Alten Zoll you missed a night of local magic.

The sun is expected again for tonight’s concert introduced by PopCamp.  Live music will be provided by three upcoming bands: Floatiz, Jeremias and Planschemalöör so bring a picnic blanket and enjoy the Stadtgarten Summer Magic!

6:30 pm Floatiz

7:45 pm Jeremias

8:45 pm Planschenmalöör



Stadtgarten and Jazztube

Friday (23 August) will be a busy one for music lovers in Bonn.

Hauptbahnhof, Uni/Markt, and Museumsmeile tube stations will be kicking off this season’s JazzTube series.  Who will be at the Grand Finale?  Your votes will decide it and it all starts with a vist to the JAZZTUBE HOMEPAGE to see who’s where and then GOING THERE!

Have fun, but remember, there are free Stadtgarten concerts at Alten Zoll to enjoy as well.  They start at 6.30 with WestNDand both Ijaz Ali and Gin Red will take us up to the evenings final act – the wonderful New World Afro-Pop served up by Melchi (see picture above).  Don’t miss – and the weather should be good, so bring a blanket and make a picnic out of it!