Bonn Fest 2023

Yes, the shops will be open next Sunday too, but this is 3SONGSbonn and not 3SHOPSbonn so check out the details as to where there will be music from 29 Sept to 1 Oct HERE
Friday 29 Sept looks like an evening of coverbands and Kölsch together with an Electronic Dance Festival. Saturday looks to be a promising time for live band music with Los Manolos, Melchi Vepouyoum, Sir Williams, Musicians from the Bonn Beethoven Orchestra, not to mention, Anny Ogrezeanu, Voice of Germany winner in 2022). De Anjeschwemmten und die Domstürmer will take over responsibilities for a Karneval atmosphere.

Erja Lyytinen – Rocking the Harmonie

Erja Lyytinen’s Facebook profile currently sports a photo of the lady in a hard rock pose and flanked by a solid wall of Marshall amps. Bonn council will be pleased to know that she doesn’t have this sound system on tour with her but it certainly tells you where Erja is musically in 2023. Is she releasing the inner Lemmy? By 8:15 pm at Bonn Harmonie we will know for sure.

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Folk Club Bonn #138 – ‘Tree’mendous

Old Trees. Has Folk Club had that theme before? If not, it certainly should have. Many is the time now that John Harrison has been found standing under an old oak or a beleaguered birch extolling the virtues of the Green Man. No trees allowed inside Dotty’s of course but Bonn Tree Guardian (Baumwächter) Andreas Thieves was on hand to remind us what these tall and patient guardians of Nature do for us.

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French Night closes Stadtgarten 2023

All good things etc… On Saturday evening it was time for the 2023 Stadtgarten Season to come to an end. The month has flown by and hopefully, there has been something for everyone, that’s always the aim of the Kulturamt der Stadt Bonn led by the tireless enthusiasm of Hans -Joachim Over oder ‘HaJo’ as everyone knows him. Today it was largely French Music Night with local band the Soline Ensemble and French Indie-Pop band The Rodeo, with a warm-up for everyone courtesy of the Bonn inclusion band Project Inclusion. Three bands then – and a 6:30 pm start to cram all the good music in.

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Baum’s Bluesbenders at 30

They’re not as old as the Blues itself, but Baum’s Bluesbenders have been around now for thirty years men and boys. Truth to tell there was still very much boyish fun on the faces of the four mature gentlemen on the Unter der Zeder stage. Let’s not forget another blues veteran in the form of tonight’s support act, Mighty Mike. Needless to say, a good time was had by all – including the eager crowd of listeners and dancers.

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Celebrating 30 years of Blues – Baums Bluesbenders

Who said good things never last? The Bad Boy from Bad Godesberg, Bill Baum, first hit the stage with his band in 1993. The hairline might have decreased and the waistline increased a little – but the music is as good and bluesy as ever. To celebrate the first 30 years of Baum’s Bluesbenders there is an extra concert on 23 August at Unter der Zeder in Bonn Kurpark. “Back to the Roots”, expect a great evening of music performed with lots of energy.

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