PureCASH – Plus

Celebrate an old disc, introduce a brand new one, and play all the old classic hits.  There’s nothing like a challenge to focus the mind.  Bernd Wolf, Leverkusen’s biggest Johnny Cash fan,  apologizes late in tonight’s long set that he hasn’t done as much talking about the songs as usual and adds – “is that alright? There’s a lot to play tonight!”  In an effort to squeeze it all in the band even step onto the Harmonie stage a few minutes before the due 8pm start time (how often do you read that sentence in a live music review?!) but truthfully they could have started an hour early and still not have managed to play everything.

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Introducing Kunst!Rasen 2018

Stairway to Gronau – The Kunst!Rasen Team taking one step at a time

2018 sees the 7th season of concerts down by the Rhine in Bonn.  Since Lou Reed strode stern-faced onto the stage to greet 1500 fans in 2012 there have been turbulent times for the Kunst!Rasen promoters.  Thankfully the concerts have weathered a few walks on the wild side from complaining neighbours and things are at least less turbulent going into the 2018 Season than they have been in recent years.    That means bookings can be made well in advance – and this week saw a press conference to share the results so far.  With only half of the dates finalized though there will be lots more to come for sure.

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Christmas Folk Tales

It’s not always so easy to get a floorspot at Bonn Folk Club.  Take Simon Kempston from Edinburgh as an example.  Undoubtedly one of Britain’s most talented singer/songwriter/Folk guitarists, Simon has been under pressure every year since his first appearance in 2011 when John Harrison laid down the challenge: An appearance may only be granted if the said Simon Kempston of Edinburgh has a new CD to offer the audience.  Since then, the likeable Scot has been Christmas guest of honour every year (don’t tell Simon, but he’s so popular now that they’d even let him play without a new cd)

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Who Killed Bruce Lee/Letlowe

If, like me, you missed their appearance at the Rockpalast here last year, no problem! – Lebanese Indie-rockers Who Killed Bruce Lee are back at Bonn Harmonie next week (6 December) with what has been described as ‘A musical rollercoaster ride’ of styles.  Their Crossroads appearance was highly rated, but don’t just take my word for it – check out their set on the video below.   Oh, and if you need another reason to head down to Endenich on Wednesday, support for the evening will be Toys 2Masters winners Letlowe (formerly Millennia)  Details and Tickets HERE