Live music on Court 1 with Room Service

John Harrison not only got street music in Bonn going again last week-end, he also got to enjoy live music in the City from others. Here is his report on the return of outdoor music and a visit to Folk Club venue Dotty’s where a glimmer of hope for future Folk meetings was suggested by a live appearance on the tennis court by local legends Room-Service.

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OpernRasenLIGHT in Bonn

Along with the recent good news that street music permits are again available comes the welcome news of a new ‘mini’ open-air festival in Bonn centre this Summer.   The cultural office (Kulturamt) has organized a varied music program from August through September 2020 titled OpernRasenLIGHT in compliance with the applicable hygiene measures to enliven the open land in front of the Bonn Opera  House.  Jazz, world music and acoustic folk are on offer. The musical will be playing from 5 to 7 p.m. with two sets of 30 minutes each.

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John Harrison takes to the streets

This weekend saw a positive relaxation in the Corona regulations here in the Bonn area.  For the first time since lockdown Bonn Council has been allowing permits to entertain in the City streets.  Folk Club impresario John Harrison was proudly the first to play Bonn’s shopping streets again, so I joined him for some of his journey as a street musician to see how people would react to hearing a real guitar and a real voice out on the streets again.

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Street Music is coming back to Bonn

Street Music is coming back to Bonn!  The City’s regulatory office has put up markings that indicate the necessary minimum distance between the musicians and the audience, and playing music  will, as before, only be permitted with a valid playing permit and at the specified locations.  The fact that our streets will have a bit more vibrancy now though is a welcome change.

For those interested in chasing one of these prized permits, they can be obtained from the Bonn Bürgerdienst  (Call (0228) 77 25 45 for further information)

(the photo above shows Melchi in 2018.  Since then he has gone on to play at Bonn Harmonie and Stadtgarten.  Proof of the quality that can be found whilst you are out enjoying the Summer sunshine)

Julian Sas Concert re-scheduled for 2021

Sadly, even Mr Music and Julian Sas have had to bow to the restrictions of Covid-19.   Julian’s 19th appearance at Harmonie since 2003 scheduled for November 21, has had to be postponed until 27 November 2021.

All tickets purchased for this years cancelled show (on 21 Nov) will be valid for the big Dutchman’s return next year.

Smith, Lyle & Moore – Fate (Feat. Dhani Harrison)

It’s been a while since my interview with Gary Moore’s son Jack.  In it Jack Moore admitted that being the son of guitar virtuoso Gary was a hard act to follow.  Jack has indeed taken a while to find his own musical direction, The track ‘Fate sees him team up with LA musicians Andrew Smith and Tyler Lyle.  Taken from the trios forthcoming debut EP ‘Smith, Lyle & Moore’ which is due for release in September, it shows where Jack Moore is now, and also shows that it’s not a bad place to be at all – just don’t look to it as a gauge of how Jack’s guitar licks stand up against dads, because there aren’t any.

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