Mike Zito in Bonn – Introducing Jeremiah Johnson

That Mike Zito will be delivering the best in Texas Blues on Sunday (17 March) will be understood by the many who have already seen Mike here in Bonn.
Advice from 3songsbonn is to get there early and catch support, St Louis born  Jeremiah Johnson.  His new Zito produced release ‘Straitjacket’ debuted at nr 1 on the iTunes New Blues Releases and at Nr 6 on the Billboard Blues Chart.  Bonn Harmonie,  concert begins at 7pm  TICKET DETAILS HERE

Short break in service…


You might have noticed that not a lot has happened lately on this site.  Due to personal/private matters 3songs isn’t able to get out to shows at present.

Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible – in the meantime, there is still some great music coming your way.  12 March sees Vanja Sky (from last years Blues Caravan) in Cologne and Texas Heat in Bonn.  Sunday (17th) sees Mike Zito at the Harmonie, where from 20-23 March the next Crossroads Rockpalast takes place.  Please check the concert calendar and Harmonie links in the right bar of this website for more details of what/who is coming this way, and support live music!

Folk Club Bonn #100 This Week – invitation to play

Typically for a story involving John Harrison, It all started with a harmonica.  He was travelling back on a train and began playing.  Fellow passengers enjoyed it, and the idea for a Folk Club in Bonn was born.

Nine years later John’s Club has grown and grown, shedding venues like a snake sheds its skin as each was outgrown.

On Friday (1 March) Folk Club Bonn will proudly celebrate its 100th evening, and you can not only come and listen – you can even play too!  There will be two stage areas at Dotty’s Sports Bar, allowing for quick turn-arounds so that everyone can take part.  The only rules are 1) No amplification and 2) Each act has only 3 minutes.  So please come along and join in.

In addition:

3songsbonn has spent many a happy evening taking pictures at the Folk Club, and to mark the occasion has produced a limited edition 24-page colour booklet celebrating many of the participants – old and new. The booklet will be available at Dotty’s on  Friday for 10 Euros.  (it was no easy task to choose images from the hundreds available!)

Hope to see a packed house at Dotty’s Sports Bar then – Friday, March 1 from 7pm sharp and don’t forget to bring a song!  Details HERE


Kai Strauss Kills It In Bonn

Kai Strauss could be a Tatort Kommissar with his battered leather jacket and sunglasses.  Just back from id-ing a murder case down by the Rhine.  In fact, he has a softly spoken voice with a faint lisp that suggests otherwise.  Then again, he does come up with murderously relentless cutting guitar solos.  Many of those who know a good bluesman when they hear one were at the Harmonie – sadly a lot were not.  You missed a blinder if you stayed home.

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Bonn’s Makeda edged out in Song For Israel Contest

In the end, only four points after the final telephone jury vote count separated Bonn’s Makeda from the winning duo S!sters at this year’s competition to select Germany’s Song for Europe: Unser Song für Israel in Berlin.

A new approach to finding the Eurovision entry led to a familiar conclusion – formulaic packaging wins over song again.   Let’s take a young blonde girl and a young raven haired girl, make them seem like sisters,  and call the song – ‘Sisters!’  Oh wait, let’s turn that ‘i’ upside down!  Oddly, even the Bonn General Anzeiger in its Review refers to the girls as ‘Carlotta Truman und Laurita’ – conveniently(?) forgetting that Laurita has a different surname (though admittedly it does mention they are not sisters later on).  In fact, they were not even a duo until Eurovision came along.  In the end, the old formula approach won through.  

It’s all a game really of course, and Makeda is well out of it.  There are indeed some who will say that where Eurovision is concerned second place is actually winning – gaining the publicity, without that’ Eurovision’ brand hanging over your head.   It was certainly a grand performance from Bonn’s rising star though.  All those performances in the musical ‘Bodyguard’ paying off with a confident performance when it mattered.  ‘The Day I Loved You Most’ is an excellent song but one that needs both a great vocal and plenty of dynamics to give it life.  It got both on the night.  I really couldn’t help but see and hear Rachel Marron (Whitney Houston) as I watched Makeda in her shimmering gold dress give her all.  Somewhere, just out of camera-shot, Kevin Costner must have been standing and watching the proceedings with an attentive eye and a bad haircut.

Well done Makeda, on the evidence of Friday night you will be going a lot further than Tel Aviv with your career.







Musical pearls from the Oysterband in Bonn


Long before there was Skinny Lister and the Dropkick Murphy’s.  Even before there was the Pogues, there was a ‘Folk Punk’ movement.  Okay, it wasn’t so ‘in yer face’ as the later incarnations, but The Oysterband were up there singing crafted lyrics from a fire in their collective bellies.  Now into their 43rd year, the fire is more a smoulder than a furnace, but after a half hour listening to the band on Thursday at Bonn Harmonie it was clear that the songs still matter – to both band and fans.

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