New dates for Robbie Williams & Co in 2020

Due to the Covid-19 restrictions all of the planned concerts on the Hofgarten Lawn this year have now been re-scheduled.

The new dates are as follows:

Kraftwerk from 16. Mai 2020 now 29. August 2020, Begin: 9 pm

Die Fantastischen Vier from 17. Mai 2020 now 30. August 2020, Begin: 7 pm
Robbie Williams from 18. Mai 2020 now 31. August 2020, Begin: 8 pm
Tickets already bought for the original dates will remain valid for the new one or can be reimbursed from the original point of sale until 31 May 2020


Rope Schmitz founder member of Sunny Skies has died


“It´s a wonderful feeling when you perform together with other musicians, to look into the eyes of people in the audience, and to see that you are making them happy” – Rope Schmitz


So, I’m sitting on the balcony, and above me are indeed sunny blue skies.  Things are not as they were in the world of course – and, especially today, not here in Bonn.  Rope Schmitz, proud founder and inspiration of legendary pop and rock cover band sunny Skies died on Friday (27 March) leaving a legacy of great music, great concerts, and smiling faces.

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Grafenwerth Concerts Re-scheduled

Albert Hammond during his concert last year in Cologne

Good news from concert promoter Ernst Ludwig Hartz.  All three of the concerts planned for June on Insel Grafenwerth will be re-scheduled following the Covid-19 cancellations of everything.

Former Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason‘s show covering early Floyd material does not have a definite new date at the time of writing, but will take place between 3 and 6 June 2021.

Ticket holders for the other concerts planned for June will be able to see their chosen shows this September.  Andreas Wollenweider will play his first concert in a decade on 5 September 2020 and Multi-hit machine Albert Hammond will now appear on 6 September 2020.

Daniel Manrique Smith Livestream coming on Saturday

Unfortunately the recently planned livestream concert with local Progressive Jazz matadors Jin Jim had to be cancelled because, as they point out, in the current situation it would be irresponsible to stream a concert with 6 people in a studio. Instead, Daniel Mannrique Smith will present his solo program this Saturday (28 March) at 8 p.m. The concert will be streamed on from the Blue in Green Recording Studio in Bonn. 

Live music in the Corona Age…

Laurence Jones live from a rehearsal room in Leamington Spa.  No ticket, no pre/post-gig travelling, beer from the fridge.  This is the future of live music (the near future anyway)

The ban on live music is going to cut deep into the hearts and pockets of musicians.  There are already some great ideas coming out though.  Laurence is using streaming to give his new band some practice – although judging by the show they don’t need it, a very palatable version of Rory’s Bullfrog Blues just went down as I write.  Is there a way that musicians themselves can get people to pay up front for a live stream concert?  Pay via by PayPal to access a Youtube Livestream for example?  This could be the way to go for a while.

Mike Zito flew back in from the UK after cancelling a barely started European Tour that would have brought im to Bonn on Sunday.  He had an automatic 14 day quarantine to look forward to in the USA and immediately decided to make a ‘Quarantine Blues’ CD.  Mike has been blogging putting down his backing tracks and will send them to the band members to put their tracks on seperately.  Cleverly, Mike has set up a site to donate to the disc (and help pay his band and crew) on gofundme

Mike Zito has already raised enough on ‘gofundme’ to finish his disc

Closer to home progressive jazzers Jin Jim have followed the lead of Laurence Jones and will be streaming a concert from the Blue in Green Recording studio in Kessenich on Saturday, March 28, at 8 PM.

Local Record Store Mr Music has also closed its doors for a while (I know, it shouldn’t be so, music is the best medicine and the chemists are open!).  How can you help make sure that the shop which re-opened not so long ago stays open after Corona is gone?  There’s sadly no online store BUT you can order music by emailing  Bernie will send you an invoice and send out your order on payment.   You can also order gift vouchers via the email address – and maybe help even more by not redeeming them (I’m sure Mr Music will sign them for your wall as a thank you!)

Hopefully, the big stars who have to cancel shows will waive their fees for them, but for Mr and Mrs ‘talented but not playing arenas yet’ that lost income can be critical.  My suggestion here is that If you bought tickets for a show then hold on to them instead of asking for a refund.Well, not just my idea, check out #Aktion TicketBehalten for more information (in German).  You can also show your support by purchasing some music online – preferably via the artists’ own website.  Order a T-shirt while you’re on their website too.  Every little helps.

Finally, if you are planning a Livestream or have a wonderful idea how to get live music to the people in the coming weeks then drop 3songsbonn a line at and the information will go online here.

Stay Happy, Stay Healthy, and keep enjoying music while you do it!