Merry Christmas!

To quote Noddy Holder – Merry Xmas Everybody!

Thanks for supporting this website, from to all the readers who make and who care about music and have supported this website with visits this year. I hope you’ve enjoyed the photos and reviews/interviews in 2018.

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A Merry Little Christmas with Ezio

Tony Blair is famously remembered by fans of tonight’s band not just for being British Prime Minister, but also for including ‘Cancel Today’ among his chosen records to play on BBC Radio’s ‘Desert Island Discs’ (allegedly a favorite of the PM before Commons ‘Question Time).  Ezio have been around a while now making great music, with well crafted lyrics and a healthy dose of Italian/Cambridge mixed humour.  Why, with so much praise, are they still playing The Harmonie and not The Cologne Arena?  Maybe it’s down to the lack of glitter and glamour – “This is advertised as a Christmas Show” admits Ezio Lunedei early in tonight’s set.  “But that’s only because we’re playing it now, around Christmas,  There’s no tinsel or Santa Outfits”  What there is though are great lyrics, super music, and the best between-song banter I’ve heard on a musical stage.  Morecambe & Wise meet Bob Dylan?  Well, maybe not.  But the former didn’t play guitar like Ezio and Booga and the latter isn’t renowned for between song joviality.  Simply put – Ezio are a unique experience of the best kind as Tuesday’s Harmonie concert proved.

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Farewell Letlowe

At the Harmonie in 2017

Sad to hear that Letlowe will be playing their final concert at Bla in Bonn next January.   I enjoyed following their deserved success after winning the Toys 2Masters band competition (as Millenium) in 2016.  Alassio, Fabian, Ijaz, Tom and Yannik made an excellent team and stood out a mile, in the positive sense, when I caught them for the first time in the first round of that Toys 2Masters in Bad Godesberg.  As they say on their farewell announcement:

“It’s great to see how many people are keen to follow and help when you share chasing your dreams with enthusiasm and passion”.

(“Es ist schön zu sehen, wie viele folgen und helfen, wenn man mit Enthusiasmus und Leidenschaft versucht seine Träume zu verwirklichen”).

They have a few more shows still, in Hamburg, Offenbach, Münster before a final goodbye show on 19 January in Bla in Bonn.

Winning the Toys 2Masters 2016 (as Millenium)


Folk Club 97 – Get On Board


I was recently critical of Bonn Folk Club’s themed evenings. Almost no-one pays any real attention to it I said. Ah, but when the theme is trains… then things run along a different track (excuse the pun). Here we were for the final first Friday of the year at Dotty’s Sports Bar, and the list of train songs seemed almost as long as the list of stations between Bonn and Berlin. When it comes to emotionally charged lyrics, it seems trains evoke the songwriter in us all – and when not in us personally, there are plenty of standards to choose from.

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Topping Charts & Winning Hearts – Larkin Poe in Cologne

When, mid-set,  Rebecca Lovell mentioned that the new CD ‘Venom & Faith’ had gone straight into the biggest Blues chart in America at number one, it seemed like something she was mentioning by-the-by.  Atlanta sister duo Larkin Poe have gone from insider tip to the hottest blues act on the planet.  This will be the last gig of theirs in Luxor, of that I’m sure, and if you were lucky enough to grab a ticket for the show (which sold out weeks ago) you will know why.

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Sting coming to Kunst!Rasen in 2019


The latest addition to next year’s Kunst!Rasen concert calendar is certain to cause a rush for tickets.  The ‘Message in a Bottle’ man himself – Sting will be coming to Bonn on 15 July 2019 for one of a small number of geman concerts.

The Tour title itself should prompt Pop/Rock fans to grab tickets as soon as possible: ‘My Songs’ will see the one-time Police front-man playing hits from his long career, from ‘Roxanne’ and ‘Every breath you take’ through to more recent classics like ‘Fields of Gold’, supported musically by a top-notch Rockmusic ensemble.  Definitely a ‘don’t miss’ concert for 2019!

Check HERE for the latest Kunst!Rasen concert news.



The light and darkside of Bonn Folk Club

Folk Club 96 at Dotty’s Sportsbar.  There is a large gap between tables and where the performers will stand.  Tables are added, then more chairs, and more chairs, and more chairs…  Pretty soon there are no more chairs and people sit on the floor – shades of those black and white ‘Folk Music Television specials of the early 60’s with listeners camped out at the feet of players.  I would reckon that the number of listeners equalled at least the number of Folk Clubs(96).  Maybe it’s the double guest star slot of Canadian David Blair and always popular red-headed duo Brother Movement?  Even the number of dogs in the room seems to be growing.  What’s happening Mr Harrison?  I may have to do the German thing and drape a bath towel over a chair at Dott’s before going to work on the first Friday of the month.

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