Who Killed Bruce Lee/Letlowe

If, like me, you missed their appearance at the Rockpalast here last year, no problem! – Lebanese Indie-rockers Who Killed Bruce Lee are back at Bonn Harmonie next week (6 December) with what has been described as ‘A musical rollercoaster ride’ of styles.  Their Crossroads appearance was highly rated, but don’t just take my word for it – check out their set on the video below.   Oh, and if you need another reason to head down to Endenich on Wednesday, support for the evening will be Toys 2Masters winners Letlowe (formerly Millennia)  Details and Tickets HERE


Samantha Fish Interview

“Really, there are no boundaries with this. 

It’s Art and you just make the music that feels good and feels right”

In my previous interview with Samantha Fish she indicated an interest in trying out different musical styles.  In 2017 she delivered on this in style with two excellent releases: ‘Chills and Fever’ and ‘Belle of the West’.  Each of them very different from her characteristic Blues Rock style and even, to some extent, different from each other.  At the time of writing the latter is sitting proudly on top of the Billboard Blues Chart in America so it’s a good time to find out what went into the making of these releases and how they will be presented onstage.  Samantha kindly gave 3songsbonn.com time for a short interview before her recent show at the Harmonie in Bonn

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Samantha Fish – Belle of Bonn


It’s not often that my favourite Bonn venue has a chart topper appearing, but this morning’s prestigious Billboard Blues Chart shows Monday’s visitor to Bonn Harmonie  debuting at the top spot with her new release ‘Belle of the West’.  A mighty achievement after a mighty concert.  She comes from Kansas City which is on the edge of America’s tornado valley, and Samantha Fish certainly blew up a musical storm in Bonn.

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