Big Band Big Fun

dannybryant2017-3736“A dream come true” is how Royston’s finest Blues export describes his latest project – taking a nine-piece band on the road, including a four-piece horn section.
It was a dream that only three venues were allowed to share as these were selected for an audio-recording due for release in April.  Bonn was one of the lucky Cities and we were treated to a powerful blast of the Blues.

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Travelling Light – Acoustic Night at the RPZ

rpzacoustic-3652Remember those old ‘Unplugged’ programmes from MTV?  Clapton, Cobain and co showing they could still weave musical magic without a trillion megawatts of Marshall amps and six Stratocasters behind them?  Playing unplugged is, for me, the test of a good musician or band, so when the Rock & Pop Zentrum (RPZ) in Bad Godesberg announced an Acoustic Night it seemed too good a chance to miss.  How would some of our own local young talent get on with just an acoustic guitar and a voice?

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John Harrison & Paolo Pacifico Blues


3songs is currently putting together a list of live music venues in Bonn, and walking past Cafe Lieblich on Bonner Talweg every day as I do, the recent addition of ‘Live Music’ stickers on windows caught my eye. This week the poster especially got my attention since it included a picture from this very website. There’s not much I can, or indeed need, to add with reference to the promised guests.  If you are Bonn Folk Club regulars John Harrison and Paolo Pacifico will be familiar and popular  faces.  For the rest of you who love the Blues pure and simple, take my word, there’s no duo better at recreating  the pure acoustic Folk Blues atmosphere of days gone by than these two.

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Ben Poole and King King

benpooleAfter the disappointment of Laurence Jones no longer supporting King King at the Harmone comes the good news that another excellent British Blueser WILL be there instead.  Ben Poole will be making his first appearance in Bonn supporting Alan Nimmo and co on 14 March.  Recommended to buy a ticket early for this one!