Open Piano for Refugees

Live music in Bonn is always welcome – especially so when it is towards a good cause.  Konstantin Kopenhagen warmed up the  ‘Open Piano for Refugees’ keyboard in Münsterplatz this afternoon.

Anyone is free to sit down and play the piano (after disinfecting their hands first of course – Covid rules apply as always) All donations go towards the DoReMi social music institute in Vienna which serves to promote the inclusion of refugees or socially disadvantaged people regardless of nationality.

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Live is Better!

The live music scene in Bonn,  as everywhere, is having a hard time at present.  Bill Baum has got together with some familiar faces from the local music scene to tell you the simple truth – Livestreams?  Pay to View?  Live is Better!  Great to see Kolli from the Harmonie, Martin Nötzel from Kunstrasen, Herbert Kaupert from Dottendorfer Jazznacht and Hans-Joachim Over (HaJo) Bonn’s Pop & Rock Coordinator, here.  Hopefully we will see them all (and Bill too) at concerts again soon!  In the meantime – Enjoy the video…

Lite & Airy – Bonn Folk Club Open Air

It might look smoothly asphalted to the eye, but the road to Dotty’s Sports Bar for Folk Club Bonn‘s September meet was a rough one indeed.  A long one too, as John Harrison will tell you.  Involving numerous meetings with the owner and correspondence between Folk Club and the powers that be in Bonn.  In the end, though it was a worthwhile journey.  The Hockey pitch at Dotty’s proving to be an excellent open-air venue, and the weather being much kinder than anyone had a right to expect in the early days of Autumn.  Perhaps God is a folk music fan?  Or perhaps he just realised that good music was good for the souls of his creations in this Pandemic riddled World we are all enduring.

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Folk Club Open Air This Week!

After about half a year of enforced break, the Folk Club in Bonn is daring to bring some live music back to Dotty’s Sportsbar in Dottendorf. Needs must of course, and the meeting this Friday (4 September) will be very different from the usual Folk Club although, needless to say, Folk Club’s maxim of offering an entertaining, relaxing and free evening of music will be maintained.  John Harrison has wisely decided to forego the ‘non-amplification’ rule. as this ‘special Lite’ edition of Bonn Folk Club will be outside on the tennis court.  I suspect some subtle, battery powered, assistance will be in evidence soundwise.

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Hand on my Heart with Simon Kempston

Always a pleasure to see a new video from one of the best (and nicest) musicians on the British Folk Club circuit: Bonn Folk Club’s regular Guest Star Simon Kempston has had less time to tour, but more time to write.  Here he is with the brand new ‘Hand on my Heart’.  There’s lots more great music from the melodic Scotsman HERE


Good Street Music in Bad Godesberg

A month goes so quickly.   On 1st August ‘One Take Toni’ (Anton Weber) took to the streets of Bad Godesberg as the opening street musician of the Verein ‘KunstKitsch’ and on Saturday local musicians Cayu and co-organizer Cynthia Nickschas brought the Klangstationen initiative to a colourful musical close outside of Bergfeld’s Biomarkt who initiated the whole Street Music project.

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Over The Border Date in 2020

This year’s planned ‘Over The Border’ Festival has sadly had to be moved to 2021. The good news just out though is that the organizers of the popular music diversity festival have now been able to still schedule one event in 2020.  Local ambassadors are already a tradition at the Festival. The formation around Fanta4 percussionist Roland Peil, who has been part of the festival since its inception, will be the evening’s main guests, but there will be lots of top-class additional guests to enjoy too.  In order to comply with hygiene considerations in view of Corona Virus the concert will now take place at Bonn Brückenforum on 19 September at 8pm, seating and tables will allow the correct distancing of attendees.  Note too that everyone who has already purchased tickets (the concert was originally scheduled to kick off the Festival in March 2020) should contact Manuel Bahna promoter at for registration and table reservations.

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Live music on Court 1 with Room Service

John Harrison not only got street music in Bonn going again last week-end, he also got to enjoy live music in the City from others. Here is his report on the return of outdoor music and a visit to Folk Club venue Dotty’s where a glimmer of hope for future Folk meetings was suggested by a live appearance on the tennis court by local legends Room-Service.

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