Fortunate Bonn – Laurence Jones at the Harmonie

“Sing along if you recognize this one!” Laurence Jones calls out, before launching into a powerful version of the John Fogerty classic ‘Fortunate Son’ at Bonn Harmonie on Monday.  Those present were indeed fortunate, this really was a devastating performance from the acclaimed British ‘Blueser’, truly live music from the heart and soul.  For his last appearance here with Blues Caravan in 2014 Laurence Jones was just a youngster with star potential under the RUF Records roster, at 27 though he has very definitely made the step up to Premier League status.

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Matthew Robb – Dead Men Have No Dreams

Sometime in the ’70’s I found myself at a local Folk Club in Portsmouth sitting next to a man in dusty clothes with a battered suitcase and even more battered hat who looked like he’d come in out of the rain.  I didn’t think he would be sitting in the lounge bar long once the concert had started but I was wrong.  He stayed for all the floor-spots and the guest stars appearance too.  He only stood up when the star guest was announced – at which point he opened that battered case, took out an even more battered guitar, and proceeded to blow us all away with his songs and guitar playing.

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Sting makes good his cancelled Bonn Show


The ‘Will he? Won’t he?’ saga is finally at an end.  Sting has agreed to make good his 2019 date at Kunstrasen with a show at the same venue in Bonn next year. The concert is set for 9 July 2020.  An exclusive pre-sale for the Sting Fan Club begins on 29. October (10 am), followed by Ticketmaster Deutschland where tickets will be onsale from 30. Oktober (6 pm) with all other outlets offering the few tickets left from1. November (10 am).




Concert Recommendation – Laurence Jones

A lot has happened since the picture above from 2014 in Portsmouth, but some things remain the same.

Laurence Jones will be bringing not only a beard and a whole new band to The Harmonie on Monday (28 Oct);  he will, most importantly, be bringing copies of his new and best album to date.  If you are a die-hard Bluesrock lover and felt a bit disappointed by previous release ‘The Truth’ then Monday will be a perfect opportunity for you to re-aqaint yourself with one of the best young Blues guitarists to come out of England in the last ten years.  New release is ‘The Laurence Jones Band’ and the plain and simple title tells you a lot about the music inside the cover.  Nothing fancy or too flashy – just clean and powerful Bluesrock.


From the downhome steel guitar on ‘Long Lonely Ride’ to the unpretentious but perfectly timed ballad ‘Beautiful Place’.  The Funky ‘Heart Is On Fire’, The rocking ‘Everythings Gonna Be Alright’ with great barrel-house piano from Bennett Holland. and ‘I’m Waiting’ that’s probably the hardest, heaviest track Laurence has laid down to date with what’s definitely the best guitar solo he’s put down to date – it’s a real sizzler!  Oh, and there’s a new shot at an old classic from the Beatles with ‘Day Tripper’ too.

Lots to enjoy then on Monday evening.  Don’t miss!

Laurence Jones Band

Harmonie Bonn, Frongasse 28-30, 53121 Bonn

Doors open: 7pm  Concert Begin: 8pm



Win tickets for Laurence Jones


On Monday British Bluesrocker Laurence Jones will be introducing his latest (and judging by the pre-release copy I heard, best yet) CD ‘The Laurence Jones Band’ at Bonn Harmonie.


To win guest tickets, just tell me the Country that Laurence comes from by email to


First received wins!



Deep Purple Coming To Kunstrasen in 2020

Purple’s legendary vocalist Ian Gillan at Kunstrasen in 2013

“We all went down to Gronau.  On the River Rhine shoreline…”

Legendary Rockers Deep Purple will be bringing hits like ‘Child In Time’ and ‘Woman From Tokyo’ to the Kunstrasen stage on 10 July 2020.

Not many bands can boast the power of Ian Gillan and Co after over 50 years in the business.  The band’s show in 2013 saw a guest appearance from Warren Haynes on a little rock ditty you may have heard of – Smoke on the Water.

Ian Gillan & Steve Morse at Kunstrasen 2013

King King – Bonn Date in 2020

This should be am an interesting one for next year.  Just when fans were adjusting to the band without Bob Fridzema on keys, the whole band behind Alan Nimmo changed.   King King with Zander Greenshilelds on bass and Andrew Scott on drums will be at Bonn Harmonie on 20 April 2020

RIP Richard de Bastion

Musician Richard De Bastion sadly passed away in Berlin on Tuesday.

A popular visitor to Bonn Folk Club, Richard’s musical collaborations were Many and varied – Justin Hayward of the Moody Blues and Rapper Sido to name just two. He was also a member of bands that included Jon Bonham and Jim Capaldi.