Time for a Kiss – Ana Popovic is Back

Ana Popovic was clearly taking the title of this concert series from 2getherconcerts and the Harmonie – ‘Blues for Lovers’ – very seriously. ‘Give me a kiss’ glitters on her white t-shirt.  Can anyone pass up such a request from the enigmatic blues guitar Queen?  Especially after such a long absence.  In 2011 Ana played two shows here in Bonn – one here at the Harmonie, and a notable appearance at Museumsplatz as support for the late BB King. Today Ana is finally back, and with a musical bang, in the form of a new horn section from Italy.

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Same Procedure As Every Year – Julian Sas at The Harmonie


The t-shirts in the front row said it all:  ’15 Years – Mr Music Presents Julian Sas‘. Sas himself celebrates the relationship by describing Bernd (Bernie) Gelhausen as “One of the few good Men still standing” in music – and dedicates ‘Devil Got My Number’ to the Man behind Mr Music.  The two have come a long way, always believed in what they do, never compromising, and built up solid support over many years for it – one making music and the other selling it. It may be a big living room – but for Julian Sas Bonn Harmonie really been home for well over a decade.

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Rosedale – Wide Awake (DixieFrog)

The last French rock band to catch my ears was Shakin’ Street in the late 70’s.  It’s been a while then, but here are Rosedale to get me musically excited by a band from Francaise once again.  A band also led by a fiery young lady on vocals it should be noted. Their second disc ‘Wide Awake’ is just out, and its excellence makes me hope that the band will be coming Bonn’s way next year.

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World Music comes to Kessenich


As Dottendorf shapes up to be Bonn’s Jazz Centre with it’s popular Jazz Nights, why can’t Kessenich be the City’s World Music Centre?  Where would they play? I hear you ask.  Bucherei St Nikolaus (St Nicholas Library) in Putzstrasse is where.  Saturday evenings ‘Klein aber Fein’ concert by World Music Bonn proved an excellent live location with an audience that almost outnumbered the books by 8pm.

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New Larkin Poe CD

3songs has been singing the praises of Larkin Poe for a while now, so if you didn’t immediately grab a ticket for their show in Cologne at Luxor on 25 November you only have yourself to blame – the gig is now sold out.  There’s still the new CD from sisters Rebecca and Megan Lovell, Venom & Faith, to enjoy though – here’s a taster.

Over the Border in 2019

Marcos Montoiro (UNCCD) and Manuel Banha introduce Ara Malikian

With it’s dedication to cross-cultural diversity Bonn’ ‘Over the Border’ organizer Manuel Banha certainly found the perfect musician to attend this week’s press-conference for 2019’s Festival.  Ara Malikian is a Lebanese-born Spanish violinist of Armenian descent.  Not someone you’ve heard of?  That won’t be for much longer I suspect.  The gentle looking man with dark curly hair and beard has already got an appearance at London’s Barbican Theatre on his CV.  Next March that CV is set to be updated with The Royal Albert Hall itself.  Malikian is just one of the many performers coming this way in the 2019 Festval from 21 March to 7th April next year.

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One World in the Streets of Bonn

One World Festival Bonn is an honorary planned and organized festival for intercultural diversity – dedicated to the co-existence and mutual understanding of all cultures and nationalities, and, above all, to peace in the world. Where better to start than the Centre of Bonn? The Kültürklüngel Orchestra is a musical/Cultural project born in the Old City area of Bonn – and with its aim of a peaceful co-existence of people, regardless of colour or creed, it was the perfect guide to the Festival – Just listen to the music and follow its makers to Bruckenforum for the main Festival. Saman Haddad will give you a song along the way too…