Strong stuff – The Brew

Yes, that  energetic youngster jumping with his Les Paul on the 3songsbonn logo top left of the website really is Jason Barwick.  It comes from an iconic Rockpalast Cologne gig in 2009.  Joe Bonamassa pulled the plug on TV crews, and as a result upcoming Grimsby band The Brew got their whole set broadcast.  The rest, as they say, is history.  The boy has grown to a man and the hair to over his shoulders, but the energy level has remained constantly at a scale of ten from ten as Tuesday’s gig at The Harmonie proved.

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15 down and definitely far from out – Anne Haigis with Ina Boo

untitled (147 of 232)It’s shortly after 11.30 am. I’m standing on the roof of the Bundeskunsthalle in Bonn.  It’s called the General Anzeiger’s Sommergarten Season but the question bugging me is, will it rain?  I’m English so I assume the worst, but  the two ladies onstage in front of me have come prepared – songwise at least, as Bonn’s own Anne Haigis and Thüringen born Ina Boo kick off in classic thumb to the nose at grey skies  fashion with Tony Joe White’s  ‘Out of the Rain’.  Gauntlet firmly laid down by messrs Haigis and Boo, the grey clouds go scurryingly on their way – one force of nature conquered by another.  Anne is here on the back of her latest disc ’15 Companions’ and within ten minutes she has several hundred companions hanging on her every lyric.

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Steal A Taxi – You Want What You Don’t Want

SAT1Some Six months after the official release party at Fabrik45 on the Hochstadenring the new Steal a Taxi CD is finally on my CD player.  That must set a new high in anticipation building, something SAT’s mentors ‘Band Camp’ would have probably recommended as a marketing ploy even.  Six whole months to build expectations.  So, is ‘You Want What You Don’t Want’ as good as I’d hoped?  Is it as good as it could be?  Should you even care?

Yes, no and yes are my short answers – here’s why…

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3Songs goes Facebook

3LOGOEagle eyed visitors might have noticed that there is now a Facebook ‘Like’ button in the right hand margin.
For quick info updates and (hopefully!) comments on what’s happening in Bonn musically please click on the button, check it out, and of course – Tell your friends!

Bonn Folk Club 27

‘Four Fiddlers’ at Folk Club

It was a case of old (as in familiar!) faces in new places, as Bonn Folk Club Evening number 27 kicked off at Rheindorfer Hof.  It proved an excellent venue for live Folk too – if only the walls were further part so we could get more seats in.

Easy enough to find.  Turn left instead of right after the bus stop at Grauerheindorf and there it is – Rheindorfer Hof.  As I’m taking a picture of the building I can even hear the clattering of horses hooves coming up the road.  A rustic venue for sure, perfect for a bit of rustic Folk music.  The clattering gets louder  and around the bend comes – not a shetland pony, but John Harrison in his best clogs.  As we enter the building, I’m wondering if loud shoes are legal in such a sleepy rural corner of Bonn.  I’m also hoping we’re not the only ones here for the Folk evening, but it’s soon clear that all the reminders have paid off and familiar faces greet us inside the very appealing lounge of the Pub Restaurant.  So many of them in fact, that I have to grab one of the few remaining seats whilst it’s still ‘bottomless’.

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Bonn JazzTube

‘Light at the end of the tunnel’ is promised for Bonn commuters this Summer  under the name ‘JazzTube’.   From this Friday (25 May),  in a new initiative, the Stadtwerke Bonn is presenting a new platform (pun intentional!) for up and coming Jazz talent at three City Underground Stations.

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Light Falls Forward at the Folk Club

light falls forwardYou would have to have been a Fool to miss the April meeting of Bonn Folk Club.  Then again, it was so crowded that you were probably there!

Special guests for the evening were Light Falls Forward all the way from London, but there was also plenty of homegrown musical talent to enjoy at Haus Müllestümpe as the Club celebrated it’s quarter Century (25th meeting) in style.

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