New Cynthia Nickschas music via crowdfunding


“Es ist daaaa!” Cynthia Nickschas introduced the release of a rocking new song/video, Menschenhass,  this week in typical Cynthia fashion.

As she proudly announces, the new video was “Recorded live in the theatre hall (Franziskusbau) of my old school on Loheland, we now present you the first song of our third album “Blatt Papier” (Sheet of Paper).

But here, as William Shakespeare would say, is the ‘rub’:  Finishing the whole new disc will need money, and like every musician in the last months, Cynthia has not been on the road selling tickets and cd’s.  The whole project seeing light of day on vinyl etc is, therefore, dependant on a little help from her many friends.

Simply put – If you like this video taster of Cynthia in 2021, then please put some money in the lady’s virtual hat.

How?  You can find the crowdfunding campaign for ‘Blatt Papier’ via ‘Startnext’ HERE

Those donations won’t go empty-handed though as there are lots of goodies up for grabs – from signed cd’s to entire House-Concerts.  For German speakers, I’ll let Cynthia Nickschas have the last word…

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