Dana Fuchs – Love to Beg (RUF Records)

You have to wait until the closer ‘Superman’ to get real Blues, but if you still dust off your vinyl discs by the likes of David Coverdale, Joe Cocker and Led Zeppelin then you finally have something new for your mp3 player.  This lady is a vocal match for all of them.

The theme here, as Dana points out on her live shows, is love.  Not the most innovative of topics, and there’s nothing new about the music here in itself either, but that’s actually one of its strong points.  Its Rock n Roll the way it used to be, with fire in its belly and fun in its heart.  Although this is only Dana’s second studio disc, from the opening title track  ‘Love to Beg’ with its stadium rock sound there’s a confidence that suggests she has a pile of platinum records to match her platinum hair.  ‘Nothings what I cry for’ continues the feeling she’s been rocking as long as Tina Turner and Joe Cocker put together.  It’s ZZ Top infectious. ‘Golden Eyes’ has some great choppy guitar from Jon Diamond.  ‘Keepsake’ starts like Snow Patrol before building beautifully with Dana’s wistful vocal and then it’s back to Rock n Roll for ‘Set it on Fire’ and on to my favourite on the CD the gloriously rocking ‘Faster than we can’– a winner live for sure.  After that, the tempo has to slow for ‘Keep on Rolling’ which does as its name suggests with Glenn Patscha lending moody Hammond Organ.   ‘Summersong’ and Otis Reddings ‘Loving you too long’ are enjoyable but ultimately it’s the rock songs with gritty vocals that make this Cd really shine and ‘What you see’ is a prime example with its Kiss Like hook “If you like what you see.  Close your mouth when you look at me” what a super line for the male jaws dropped front row at gigs.  All in all great catchy songs, sung by a stunning vocalist (who also co-produced)

I’ve bought a good many CD’s and only very occasionally have I find one where I wouldn’t change a thing.  ‘Love to Beg’ is the latest addition to my very short list of such discs.   Thomas Ruf is canny enough to be a Scotsman with his latest signing.

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