Music to make your Ice Water – The Trentonians

untitled (106 of 160)-38It’s a funny thing about people.  You spend some considerable time with them, think you even know them quite well, and then you go to the Rheinaue Flohmarkt.  There I was, a few years ago, flipping through racks of ‘Top Pops’ and ‘Schläger Allstar’ discs – the average fare at a market stall CD stand in fact.  Suddenly, staring back up at me was a familiar black and white face – John Harrison.  Like most of the visitors to Bonn Folk Club I had no idea that John had ever gone into anything other than a sun studio, yet he had visited a recording studio and here it was, a gem of a Blues disc called ‘Blues to make your Ice Water’.  Tell the truth – who else but a Brit could write a title like that?  Meet The Trentonians and grab some chips early at Kunst!garten.

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Light Falls Forward at the Folk Club

light falls forwardYou would have to have been a Fool to miss the April meeting of Bonn Folk Club.  Then again, it was so crowded that you were probably there!

Special guests for the evening were Light Falls Forward all the way from London, but there was also plenty of homegrown musical talent to enjoy at Haus Müllestümpe as the Club celebrated it’s quarter Century (25th meeting) in style.

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