Singing on the Telephone

It should have been a ‘Stink Normales’ ‘Singers Night’ at Bonn Folk Club, but, as regulars will know only too well, nothing is ever ‘Normal’, and the only predictable thing about Folk Club evenings is their unpredictablility.   Part of the blame for which, on this particular Friday evening, rests with Barry Roshto.  It was he who suggested at a recent meet that everyone should bring along a song relating to telephones.

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Bonn Folk Club 27

‘Four Fiddlers’ at Folk Club

It was a case of old (as in familiar!) faces in new places, as Bonn Folk Club Evening number 27 kicked off at Rheindorfer Hof.  It proved an excellent venue for live Folk too – if only the walls were further part so we could get more seats in.

Easy enough to find.  Turn left instead of right after the bus stop at Grauerheindorf and there it is – Rheindorfer Hof.  As I’m taking a picture of the building I can even hear the clattering of horses hooves coming up the road.  A rustic venue for sure, perfect for a bit of rustic Folk music.  The clattering gets louder  and around the bend comes – not a shetland pony, but John Harrison in his best clogs.  As we enter the building, I’m wondering if loud shoes are legal in such a sleepy rural corner of Bonn.  I’m also hoping we’re not the only ones here for the Folk evening, but it’s soon clear that all the reminders have paid off and familiar faces greet us inside the very appealing lounge of the Pub Restaurant.  So many of them in fact, that I have to grab one of the few remaining seats whilst it’s still ‘bottomless’.

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Light Falls Forward at the Folk Club

light falls forwardYou would have to have been a Fool to miss the April meeting of Bonn Folk Club.  Then again, it was so crowded that you were probably there!

Special guests for the evening were Light Falls Forward all the way from London, but there was also plenty of homegrown musical talent to enjoy at Haus Müllestümpe as the Club celebrated it’s quarter Century (25th meeting) in style.

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