Of Rivers and Rhythms – Bonn Folk Club


If this bass had a headstock it wouldn’t say ‘Fender’

John Harrison quoted me as saying  that Bonn Folk Club was always a ‘liquorice allsorts’  show – which is to say that you never know quite what will come out; but it always turns out to be very tasty indeed.  All I can say after last Fridays meet is that we may well need a bigger box in future – they were packed into Haus Müllestumpe like the proverbial kippers in a can.

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Country, Blues & Gambas at the Folk Club

Lothar Heinrich

‚From Henry Purcell to Robert Johnson’. That’s what the top line of John Harrison’s typewritten notes for the evening said. A tall order, even for Bonn Folk Club, but John wasn’t bluffing as the December meet revealed. He even had a new instrument up his sleeve (or in the evenings case, one might say his poncho) in the form of a Gamba.

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