Soulful of Blues – Musik im Park

I’m not sure that they are truly Bonn’s ‘Spirit of the Blues’ as their website proudly proclaims. They came across, to my blues-honed ears at least, more as a mini-Big Band. which is hardly surprising since five of the eight men are wielding wind instruments. There’s no denying though that Soulful of Blues, and in particular singer/guitarist Hans-George Rehse, have been a mainstay of the Bonn live music scene for some decades now. I actually discovered a link from one of my reviews on the long-since defunct website after a concert in 2007, but the band go back a lot longer and there is a big turn-out to hear them in front of the Bad Godesberg Trinkpavilion which confirms their musical pedigree.

The chosen songs do largely tip their hats in the Blues direction for sure, and in this respect Soulful of Blues have been rather cunning in managing to appeal to concert organizers for whom ‘Blues’ seems to be a bad word these days. For that reason, Bonn’s Rheinaue Season would suit them perfectly despite the latter’s abandonment in general of everything that isn’t Jazz or a coverband.

These gentlemen clearly still love playing music but the fact remains that they are of a certain age, so there’s no jumping around the stage, and with seven people there isn’t too much stage to jump around on even if they were so inclined. photos are difficult too with all those very un-bluesy music stands cluttering up the view. Who needs sheet music when the Blues is all about three chords and the truth?

Only joking about the ‘three chords’ guys. The truth is that the extra chords and notes pack an enjoyable punch and there is a big audience soaking it up – helped no doubt by tomorrow being a public holiday. So, all in all, a sure-fire winner for the organizers, the audience and the band. Despite the years, you can still depend on getting your kicks on Route 66 from Soulful of Blues.

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