Bonn Folk Club turns 50 on Friday

untitled-325-EditBonn Folk Club will be 50 sessions old this coming Friday, 5 September 2014. The celebrations will start at 6pm  with a ‘wander’ through Graurheindorf to the tune of a Galician bagpipes and involve grabbing a quick pint at former Club venues The Schützenhaus and Rheindorfer Hof. Then it will be back to Haus Müllestumpe for a gala from 7.30pm that will involve 50 acts playing 50 songs on two alternating stages. Sounds crazy? If you like crazy the way I do, don’t miss it!
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3 thoughts on “Bonn Folk Club turns 50 on Friday

  1. Even if you arrive late on Friday 05.09.24 you may still enjoy 3 Songs Bonn Reporter and photographer extraordinaire Mister John Hurd doing his own rendition of a Rory Gallagher tune as one of the fighting fifties.

  2. John Hurd seldom explains his magnificent photographs. So here goes. Did you ever hear the one about the three Mexicans, the Englishman, and the US/Candian who speaks both Spanish and Portuguise, explaining to the Irish violinist how one best plays the verse in the Scottish version of Jock Stewart where the violinist is mentioned?

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