Lang Night at the Crossroads

Jonny_Lang-1My only CD of the man, ‘Lie to Me’ ,has a sticker on it saying ‘DM 29.95’ so the latest disc is more than a little overdue.  I almost bought it recently but Mr Music had foolishly put it on headphones and after giving it a listen I didn’t.  So why, you may ask,  am I standing in a packed and sweaty Harmonie waiting for Jonny Lang to hit the stage?  I guess because tickets for the show were sold in days, which made me think that maybe I’m wrong – or maybe the rest of Bonn is?

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Down at the Crossroads with Rockpalast


Four days, eight bands, and no expectations.  What expectations can you have for  names like ‘Navel’, ‘The Chuck Norris Experiment’, ‘Flowerpornoes‘ and certainly not least ‘And you will know us by the trail of Dead’?  You have no choice but to go into the sweaty cauldron that is Harmonie on Rockpalast Crossroads nights with both eyes and both ears open.  Let’s head down to the bar now, grab a cool lager and a spot near the stage before the cameras start rolling.

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The Brew – Catching new fans on the Web

The BrewIt’s always worth checking which bands are pencilled in for The Crossroads Festival from WDR Televisions ‘Rockpalast’.  The show that caught my eye this year was Saturdays bill which coupled Australian Rockers Dirty York with the opportunity to check on   Grimsby’s finest Blues Rockers The Brew.   Not surprisingly the music was every bit as hot as the weather on Saturday evening.

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