Green Juice Warm-Up – 4 days, 8 artists, 4 locations

In the week before the Green Juice Special in the Kulturgarten, the Green Juice Warm-Up is taking place, with free concerts by 8 different local artists in 4 different locations.

After more than a year’s forced break, Bonn’s cultural scene will be revived with no less than eight different shows over four days. The Green Juice Warm Up presents artists from Bonn and the surrounding area and provides a colourful program of varied entertainment – all concerts are free of charge.

Dennis Ledermann

“We were very sad that we had to cancel our beloved GreenJuice Festival in the last two years. We are looking forward all the more to the special in the Kulturgarten and the Warm Up the days before. At the Warm-Up we will be presenting  artists from the surrounding area, some of whom have not been able to stand on a stage since the beginning of the pandemic,” says Simon Reininger, Managing Director of Green Juice Festival GmbH.

On Tuesday, August 17, it all starts in the Woki with singer-songwriters Dennis Ledermann and Ijaz Ali. Dennis Ledermann who will present a variation of his own songs, well-known covers and old songs from BroMo, in which he was musically on the road with his brother.  Ijaz Ali promises a varied program with both fast and catchy rhythms and melodies as well as with quiet and supporting pieces.  On Wednesday the Warm-up festival continues with Swift Exit and Clara Clasen& Band. The punk and alternative band Swift Exit makes songs to let off steam, to laugh and to look melancholically sunken on the shoes. Clara Clasen and her band bring theatrical, darkly charming alternative rock to the stage with a wild live show. 

Ijaz Ali

Erikson and Twentyseven. follow on Thursday at Namenlos.  Erikson present, as the name suggests, rocking themes that could be written down in a diary. Twentyseven hit a previously undiscovered nerve of the audience with their exciting, smart, slightly funky alternative rock, which does not shy away from subtle retro vibes.  The Warm Up will be concluded on Friday, August 20 in the Harmonie with Sinuz and ELIA.  Sinuz play with warm melodies to crisp drums.  ELIA bring sophisticated, rousing arrangements of indie and alternative rock beyond cliché: a crossover of rap and vocals, profound lyrics, between anger and sadness, disappointment and yet desire for tomorrow.

Clara Claasen

In addition to well-known concert venues such as the Harmonie, BLA and Namenlos, the Woki cinema will also be converted into a music stage. “It is very important to us to support local artists and venues, which is what the Green Juice Festival has stood for since the beginning. It makes us very happy that we can put on such a great series of events again this year thanks to our sponsors,” says Julian Reiniger, also managing director of the Green Juice Festival GmbH. Woki, BLA and Namenlos have room for about 50 visitors. In the Harmonie approx. 150 spectators. 

Entrance is in each case free.  For Corona protection, the visitors must fulfill one of the 3 G’s (inoculated, recovered or tested).  Admission begins at 7:30 pm and will be on the “first-come, first serve” principle.

Who, Where & When:

Dienstag, der 17.08.2021WokiBertha-von-Suttner-Platz 1-753111 BonnDennis Ledermann(20:00 –20:45 Uhr)Ijaz Ali (21:00 –21:45 Uhr)

Mittwoch, der 18.08.2021BLABornheimer Str. 20-2253111 BonnSwift Exit (20:00 –20:45 Uhr)Clara Clasen & Band(21:00 –21:45 Uhr)

Donnerstag, der 19.08.2021NamenlosBornheimer Str. 20-2253111 BonnErikson(20:00 –20:45 Uhr)Twentyseven. (21:00 –21:45 Uhr)

Freitag, der 20.08.2021HarmonieFrongasse 28-3053121 BonnSinuz (20:00 –20:45 Uhr)ELIA (21.:00 –21:45 Uhr)

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