Forty Years of Sunny Skies – Rope Schmitz Interview

In 2010 Bonn’s local newspaper ‘Express’ asked its readers to vote for their favourite Bonn Musician.  No surprise in first place – Beethoven.  Robert Schumann also scored highly of course.  In a very respectable 8th place though, ahead even of Schumann’s wife Clara, came local Pop coverband Sunny Skies.

Ahead of their 40th Anniversary Harmonie concert on 21 April,  3SONGSBONN asked founder member of the band Rope Schmitz how Sunny Skies came into existence, and how he explained their continued popularity.

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The Brew – Catching new fans on the Web

The BrewIt’s always worth checking which bands are pencilled in for The Crossroads Festival from WDR Televisions ‘Rockpalast’.  The show that caught my eye this year was Saturdays bill which coupled Australian Rockers Dirty York with the opportunity to check on   Grimsby’s finest Blues Rockers The Brew.   Not surprisingly the music was every bit as hot as the weather on Saturday evening.

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