R.I.P. Al Collins 1960-2021

3songsbonn is sad to hear that Al Collins died on Tuesday (July 6).

As bassist of the legendary Jason & the Scorchers band, Collins was the driving force behind much of what came out of Nashville and Atlanta in terms of roots rock’n’roll, making a formidable rhythm section alongside Pontius Snibb on drums.   Bonn music fans though will know him as the always smiling man behind Stacie Collins with his ‘AL mighty Band’.  He was the  Bandleader,  and always had a smile for me too when we met.  My last message from Al was him asking if I had any good shots he could use from the last Stacie Collins show in Bonn.

Most importantly of course he was Stacie’s husband.  They had a chemistry together on stage that just oozed good feeling, and Al had one of those infectious smiles that if you were watching the show from his side of the stage you would come away with a grin as big as the one he had.   I love musicians who clearly love being musicians – that was Allen J. Collins.  RIP Al Mighty.

There is a TRIBUTE CENTRE online for anyone wishing to send their respects and memories of Al.



Don’t miss… Stacie Collins at the Harmonie October 7

“Imagine a late-night lock-in jam with Aerosmith, the Stones, and ZZ Top, fronted by the equivalent of Ronnie Van Zant, or maybe even Shania Twain with balls” is how Classic Rock magazine describes the Stacie Collins sound.
The final leg of her ‘High Roller’ tour brings her to HARMONIE BONN on 7 October.

Blues flavoured, good time Rock ‘n’ Roll is how I would describe what you will hear.

Certainly music to be played, and heard!  live.
Here she is at the Harmonie in 2013:

Spin Doctors & Stacie Collins

sd1“When we were selling 50,000 records a week,” remembers Chris Barron, “I’d walk into a mall to buy underwear and 300 kids would surround me!”   A Harp playing blues girl and a powerpop band that a few years ago was all the rage with commercial tunes and witty lyrics.  Stacie Collins was blowing harp and Chris Barrons band  The Spin Doctors were prescribing a good time for all.   The only losers were those who stayed at home.

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