Kunst!Rasen Complete

The Concert list for this years Kunst!Rasen Open Air Festival is now complete.

Described on their website as a ‘German Cultural Institution’ CULCHA CANDELA have sold over 2 million records and proved a popular act when they last played in Bonn. They will be back here on 20 July.

Given that only two months were made available to the Promoters, and the short notice at which bookings were made due to the almost ‘last minute’ agreement on a location, it’s a very respectable list.  Something for the youngsters with Jan Delay and Sunrise Avenue, For a broader base of concert goers with Caro Emerald, Zaz and Culcha Candela,  not forgetting a fair bit of ‘Classic Rock’ with Patti Smith, Lou Reed & Bob Dylan.

Ernst Ludwig-Hartz and Martin Nötzel were recently referred to in General Anzeiger as ‘H&M’ and they certainly look to have tailored something for everybody in their ‘Summer Collection 2012’.  If you want there to be a ‘Summer Collection 2013’ get tickets for these shows, and support Kunst!Rasen this year.  Show Bonn that it’s people want top class music!

The complete Kunst!Rasen itinerary now looks like this:

  • 29.6 –  Lou Reed
  • 30.6 –  Jan Delay
  • 04.7  – Bob Dylan
  • 05.7 –  Sunrise Avenue
  • 09.7  – Patti Smith
  • 20.7  – Culcha Candela
  • 22.7  –  Zaz
  • 29.7  Caro Emerald

For more details including where to book click HERE

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