Heavy lyrics from Freischlader ‘Lite’

The Harmonie stage looks strangely bare considering five musicians have set up on it. There’s only a single Fender Telecaster propped up in front of a battered speaker cabinet for Henrik Freischlader himself. Over on the merchandise stall, there is no sign of t-shirts, back-catalogue cd’s or signature Stetson caps. Just two cardboard boxes – one with the new release as cd and the other with its vinyl counterpart. Travelling Light could be the Tour motto.

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Henrik & Layla at the Harmonie

A reminder that two always popular musicians are coming to the Harmonie in Bonn very soon.

Both Henrik Freischlader (23 Oct) and Layla Zoe (30 Oct) will be bringing new music to Bonn next week.  Henrik’s ‘Hands on the Puzzle’ sees the Man at his songwriting best and with a welcome return to the Old School  Blues.  Layla’s ‘Gemini’ is a stunning double set that is firmly on my shortlist for album of the year.  My advice in both cases – don’t miss!

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Strong stuff – The Brew

Yes, that  energetic youngster jumping with his Les Paul on the 3songsbonn logo top left of the website really is Jason Barwick.  It comes from an iconic Rockpalast Cologne gig in 2009.  Joe Bonamassa pulled the plug on TV crews, and as a result upcoming Grimsby band The Brew got their whole set broadcast.  The rest, as they say, is history.  The boy has grown to a man and the hair to over his shoulders, but the energy level has remained constantly at a scale of ten from ten as Tuesday’s gig at The Harmonie proved.

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Blues Giants in Bonn


Humility isn’t a word you would choose to use for anyone describing their tour as ‘Blues Giants’.  For Tuesday’s Harmonie visitors it was very much a case of ‘put up or shut up’ as they say.  In the event it was very much the former as past visitors Mike Zito and Albert Castiglia brought with them one of the strongest, bluesiest, bands to grace the stage in recent years.  A spoonful of Blues at it’s electric best in fact.

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A Whole Lotta Physical Graffiti in Bonn

untitled (180 of 309)It can be expensive to watch coverbands.  Take yesterdays appearance at the Harmonie by Physical Graffiti.  Great show at the end of which it occurred to me that the only Led Zeppelin I have ever owned was Zep 3, Graffiti itself and the under-rated In through the out door – all on black vinyl and now either getting dusty on a shelf back in Portsmouth or (more likely) jettisoned from my life forever to make space for an extra cd cabinet.  One evening of Andrew Elt and co and I’m thinking there are a lot of CD’s I need to buy very soon…

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Coming this week…

Sardinas/Zoe/Baum = Great Music in Bonn

Sardinas/Zoe/Baum = Great Music in Bonn

Music with passion is guaranteed at Bonn Harmonie this week: Tuesday (4 Nov) sees Powerhouse electric slide guitar supremo Eric Sardinas in Endenich.  Florida born Sardinas is one of the best resonator guitar players in the world.  Wednesday (5 Nov) is ‘Ladies Night’ with Canada’s ‘Darling of the Blues’ Layla Zoe tearing up the Harmonie stage with the help of her Bonn guitarist Jan Laacks and support from Bonn’s own legendary Bluesmen Baums Bluesbenders.  Great music guaranteed at both shows – don’t miss!
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