For Fans & Fanimals – Gabby Young Interview

13_Gabby-Young_085-148-EditGabby Young looked set to find a career in opera until Jeff Buckley, Jazz and Thyroid Cancer made appearances in her life. Buckley brought her a pop music perspective, the jazz a fresh approach to the pop, and the Thyroid Cancer an urgency to put her talents to good use.

The combined result can be heard on Gabby’s latest CD ‘One Foot in Front Of The Other’ and even more so in her live shows where brave souls have had to invent a category for her uncategorizable sound – ‘Circus Swing’ is what they came up with. Judge for yourself on Wednesday (9 April) when she and her band the ‘Other Animals’ are at Bonn Harmonie.  3Songs asked Gabby about her music and lifestyle –  If I say that the girl has a gardening blog, a designer range called appropriately ‘Gabberdashery’, a fashion blog, not to forget a hand in making unique album covers and videos, then forgive me if the interview seems incomplete. There’s a lot more than inventive pop music to this talented lady from Bath.


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