Dennis Ledermann . Nur mit dir


Dennis Ledermann is back with a new single and an excellent video.  If you are from the Bonn area you might even spot yourself in the crowd as there are a lot of live clips here to enjoy.  The new single “Nur mit dir” tells a personal story about cohesion and plans for the future. And sees Dennis go in a fresh direction musically with a new sound mix of acoustic and modern elements but with his distinctive vocals still very present.  If you like what you hear, you might even help finance Dennis on his musical journey by downloading the single from one of the sites LISTED HERE
Nice one Dennis!
(There is also has a new website up and running: )

Unter Der Zeder – 2021 Season Plans Revealed

KuKuG in Bad Godesberg has just revealed plans for its open-air season Under the Cedar Trees (Unter der Zeder) in July and August, Covid restrictions permitting.

Six concerts have been tentatively planned in July and August 2021, and if you were unable to travel abroad physically this year, you will certainly have the chance to cross the oceans musically before Summer is out.  Familiar faces include Astatine (5 July) with Brazilian Jazz & Latin Grooves, and Marion & Sobo (19 July) with Gypsy & Chanson – fans of Django Reinhardt should not miss this one!  Simon Kempston and Bonn Folk Club fans should make a date on 2 August when the British Isles is showcased.

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Goodbye Omarazza


Very sad news this week is the passing of a lady, known by sight at least, to everyone in Bonn who has ever attended a concert featuring local musicians and upcoming talent.  Any meeting with Christa Franken would inevitably include the words “Kennst du…” and the name of a not so well known musician whom she considered worth checking out.  She was always right of course, she had already done the groundwork of ‘checking out’ herself – heading out on her bicycle to film new talent – and promote it with her live videos.

A one-woman marketing agency with a smile as ever-present as her video camera.  If Jan Loh was Bonn’s ‘Alle-Mal-Malen-Mann’ through his ever-presence in Bonn – sketching people for small change, then Christa was Bonn’s ‘Alle-Mal-Filmen-Frau’ although I would not have called her that to her face – I can imagine getting a wagging finger of discontent over such a remark.  She would have preferred I suspect the affectionate description given her by local musician Christian Meringolo of ‘Omarazza’.

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Update on Open-Air Season

Patti Smith – new date in 2022

New Corona strains, a third wave…  just when hopes were high that there might be a light at the end of the open-air live music ‘tunnel’ decisions have had to be made and shows postponed yet again.  Top local promoter Ernst Ludwig Hartz is having what must be one of the greatest headaches of his long and successful career in trying to move dates and keep top stars on the local appearance list.

Here is an update of what is, what isn’t, and what will hopefully be this Summer…

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Over The Border Goes Virtual

Due to the ongoing Covid restrictions, Bonn’s popular World Music Festival – Over The Border has been moved to September. Organizer Manuel Banha has though put together what he refers to as a ‘Digital Days’ version and it has lots of promise.  The concert streams were recently recorded at an audience-less Bonn Harmonie and feature a selection of musicians of the festival supported by a reduced formation of the Local Ambassadors around Roland Peil.
Guests of the Local Ambassadors include Marcus Schinkel (Voyager IV) and  Daniel Manrique-Smith (Jin Jim) alongside Gert Kapo, Vincent Themba, Stella Tonon, Naomi, David Joris, Ivo Guedes and Carmen Bown. Guests of the festival will be joined by Sven Hammond with his singer Jared Grant, Noemi Waysfield, Suzana Pais and Boticelli Baby singer Marlon Bösherz.

Sven Hammond & Jared Grant

Tickets for the Digital Days version of Over The Border cost EUR 9.90 for the entire row of concert streams.

For everyone who has already bought a day or whole Festival ticket for this year, you will be able to watch all videos for free if you first apply for a key-code by email to 

To support live music during these difficult times though I recommend purchasing tickets:


The concerts you will have available are as follows:

Marlon Bösherz

Mi. 24.03 | 18:00 Uhr

Sven Hammond

Do. 25.03 | 18:00 Uhr


Christian Meringolo

Fr. 26.03 | 18:00 Uhr


Stella Tonon

Fr. 26.03 | 21:00 Uhr


Nocturne by

David Walters – Ballaké Ciissoko – Vincent Ségal – Roger Raspail

Sa. 27.03 | 18:00 Uhr


Suzana Pais

So. 28.03 | 15:00 Uhr


Noemi Waysfield

So. 28.03 | 18:00 Uhr


The ImproVising Session

Mo. 29.03 | 18:00 Uhr


Di. 30.03 | 18:00 Uhr

See Over The Border  for more details.

New Cynthia Nickschas music via crowdfunding


“Es ist daaaa!” Cynthia Nickschas introduced the release of a rocking new song/video, Menschenhass,  this week in typical Cynthia fashion.

As she proudly announces, the new video was “Recorded live in the theatre hall (Franziskusbau) of my old school on Loheland, we now present you the first song of our third album “Blatt Papier” (Sheet of Paper).

But here, as William Shakespeare would say, is the ‘rub’:  Finishing the whole new disc will need money, and like every musician in the last months, Cynthia has not been on the road selling tickets and cd’s.  The whole project seeing light of day on vinyl etc is, therefore, dependant on a little help from her many friends.

Simply put – If you like this video taster of Cynthia in 2021, then please put some money in the lady’s virtual hat.

How?  You can find the crowdfunding campaign for ‘Blatt Papier’ via ‘Startnext’ HERE

Those donations won’t go empty-handed though as there are lots of goodies up for grabs – from signed cd’s to entire House-Concerts.  For German speakers, I’ll let Cynthia Nickschas have the last word…