Vanya Sky in Cologne

Aside from having a nice chat with the charming lady about Rory Gallagher, I remember Vanja Sky‘s appearance on last year’s Blues Caravan for her excellent Blues-Rock set (including Rory’s ‘Bad Penny’)  Definitely worth a trip ‘up the road’ for:

Make a note 12th March, Yardclub, Cologne!

Ticket details HERE

John Fogerty coming to Bonn for 50th Anniversary Tour

Another date for the diaries of Rock Lovers: The day following Sting’s appearance, another music legend will grace the Kunst!Rasen stage. Former Creedence Clearwater Revival front-man John Fogerty will be bringing hits like ‘Proud Mary’ and ‘Bad Moon Rising’ to Bonn on 16 July.  After mega hits with CCR Fogerty went on to carve out a successful solo career and his musical longevity has been rewarded with Rolling Stone magazine voting him as one of the 100 Greatest Guitarists, 100 Greatest Songwriters, and 100 Greatest Singers of all time.

It will be Fogerty’s first visit to the ‘new’ venue by the Rhine but not his first open-air here by any means, having played shows in both 2006 and 2008 at the former Museumsplatz concert site.  This should be a very special event since it’s his 50th Anniversary Tour.

Tickets go on sale from 1 February.  Also available from 1 February at Mr Music in Münsterstrasse (along with lots of great cd’s!)

I dare you to play the link below and not sing along even once…!

Duke, George, Cole & Astatine at the Harmonie

She calls them her ‘Holy Trinity’ of music, and I’m sure Duke Ellington, George Gershwin and Cole Porter would all have enjoyed Astatine‘s excellent concert at Bonn Harmonie on Sunday.  Put together some of the best Jazz composers of the 20th Century and a talented band of musicians and you really can’t go wrong.  As Mr Gershwin would have observed – “Fascinating Rhythm’!

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Make a date with Thorbjørn Risager

Thorbjørn Risager and the Black Tornado have been one of my favourite live bands since 2014’s wonderful  ‘Too Many Roads’ disc.

Risager’s raspy soul-drenched voice is backed by a powerhouse of a band that always delivers 100% onstage.  The good news is that they’re back in Bonn at the Harmonie on 21st February.  Ticket details HERE

and in case you need convincing…

R.I.P. Ted McKenna

Rock drummer Ted McKenna has died aged 68, following complications occurring during a routine Hernia operation.

His fellow musician from the ever popular Band of Friends and Rory Gallagher Band Gerry McAvoy announced today on Facebook: “I’m lost for words creating this post. I lost my friend and comrade this morning. After what should have been a routine operation, there were complications, meaning Ted started hemorrhaging blood. Sadly the surgeons could not stop the bleeding”.

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Goodbye Dennis and Marvin

March 2016 with Bromo at FCB

On the back of Letlowe’s break-up recently, it was sad to hear that Dennis and Marvin Ledermann (aka Bromo aka Brother Movement) have also decided to call it a day musically, at least for the time being.  I still have fond memories of a nervous Dennis Ledermann way back in February 2016 presenting a couple of songs alone before being joined in March by brother Marvin for the dynamic duo’s first appearance.  The rest, as they say, is history.  Catching early appearances at Toys 2Masters I didn’t think the duo would have a chance against the rockers and rollers (including eventual winners Letlowe, then known as Millennia).  How wrong I was (and how pleased to be wrong!)

Good luck with the future guys – and hope to see/hear you again before too long.

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