BonnLive Drive In Concerts

BonnLive programme


A new concert festival in Immenburgstrasse is out to beat the Corona Virus.  Drive-in  ‘Autokonzerte’ will be the way to enjoy live music in Bonn from 15 May say Bonn Promoters RheinEvents (Panama) and Fünfdrei (Green Juice).

It won’t be the same as getting a sun-tan watching Sting at the Kunstrasen but there will be live concerts in the open-air in Bonn coming soon.  Well, the musicians will be in the open-air anyway.  The audience will be limited two to a car, and won’t be allowed to leave their cars.  They won’t be allowed to honk horns or flash headlights at the end of a particularly captivating song either.  Tickets will cost up to 40 Euros per person for the event – but I note that they are on sale per car i.e. in blocks of two only – so it could be expensive if you can’t find anyone to accompany you to Guildo Horn and co.


What’s the point of prohibiting car horn beeping if there is a noisy concert happening anyway?  you may be asking.  Well, the show itself won’t be so noisy.  It’s true that there will be a fully equipped stage set up with a lighting rig, but the sound will be sent to your car radio on a special frequency that your ticket unlocks.


The organizers hope that 200 cars will be allowed onto the land between the old slaughterhouse and the train station.  That would give the musicians an audience of 400 people who would be watching the show mainly on a giant LED screen next to the stage.  At a time when international travel is limited the attractions will all be local heroes, but nonetheless it’s a pretty impressive lineup, with musical favourites like Horn, Kassalla, Björn Heuser, and Höhner.  There will also be other genres to enjoy – comedy for example from Ingo Appelt, Markus Maria Profitlich and from Anka Zink.


Visit the BONNLIVE WEBSITE for more ticket details and updates on the full programme.



For those missing a live music sing-along…

What are you missing most about real, live, music?  The atmosphere?  the lights?  the live sound?  singing along?

Here’s a video-clip from Steal a Taxi in 2017.  Feel free to turn up the speakers, and shout ‘FREEWAY!’ back at Makeda just as loud as you want to.

Hopefully, we will all be doing this for real again very soon!

‘We’re Human’ – Michael van Merwyck


I bought Michael Van Merwyk’s last release ‘Songster’ after catching him at last year’s excellent Dottendorf Blues Night.  Since then it has established a regular place on my music player.

‘We’re Human’ is a taster off of Michael’s upcoming release ‘The Bear’.  Written by the late great Soul-/Blues-Singer Jay Owens. Michael enlisted the help of some excellent musicians to make this video.  You might well see a familiar face or two, including Big Daddy Wilson, Abi Wallenstein, Larry Garner and Todor Tosho Todorovic.

Bonn Live this week (20-26 April)


Dennis Ledermann is amongst the artists featured in this week’s Livestream concerts from BonnLive.

Popular Folk-clubber Dennis is playing on the Wetteronline roof terrace at 7pm on 25 April.  Click HERE for the full list of concerts available to your computer screen in the coming week (20 – 26 April)

Bernie’s Back! Mr Music Opening again soon

Good news for those of you who miss your visits to discover/buy new records and CD’s.  Mr Music in Bonn’s City Centre will be open for business again from Thursday (23 April).

Opening times as always will be Mon-Fri 1-6 p.m and Sat 10 a.m. -3 p.m.

To open in these COVID-19 times there will be certain rules to bear in mind:

1. You may only enter the store with a face mask
2. A maximum of four customers may be in the store at the same time
3.  hand disinfectants will be provided at the entrance
4. Depending on the number of people, please be prepared to not be able to browse through the records in detail as usual – that would only be fair for everyone.

As far as tickets bought from Mr Music are concerned, they cannot offer a return or refund yet – Bonnticket is still working to find a solution, but as long as nothing is clear, there is, unfortunately, no way of refunding anything at present.

Goods already ordered by email – you can pick up ordered and already paid for goods at Münsterstraße 8. If you explicitly do not or cannot do so and still want deliveries to your door then please tell the shop by email as soon as possible so that your order does not end up left in the store.

One last note: The two distributors Sony and Warner still have delivery problems – Sony has not delivered a single delivery for a month, and shipments are also far from being as complete and regular as Mr Music would like them to be. So if your order includes records from one of the two companies, please continue to be patient – they are as eagerly awaiting deliveries as you are!