Thunder, Lightning & Jazztube

Eva BuchmannIt was the hottest, sunniest, day of the year – until 5pm.
Good news for the people in Bonn Centre though was that they could take refuge in one of Bonn’s Tube Stations and not only keep dry, but hear some great Jazz too.

July’s offering from the SWB sponsored Jazztube was as varied and entertaining as ever and choosing the best for an appearance at The Harmonie in October is going to be very, very difficult.

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JazzTube Stop Two

Filippa GojoFriday (22 June) saw the second stage of the SWB Jazz competition JazzTube which brings Jazz talent to the Ubahn Stations of Bonn, with the most popular Act getting a coveted concert in October at the Harmonie.  Just listening to two of the latest entrants left me with the phrase ‘Chalk & Cheese’ on my mind.  How can you compare a Jazz vocalist (Filippa Gojo) to a Trombone player (Lisa Pflaum)?  You can’t of course, so maybe it’s better just to enjoy the music and know that the future of Jazz is in safe hands in the Bonn/Cologne region at least.

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Bonn JazzTube

‘Light at the end of the tunnel’ is promised for Bonn commuters this Summer  under the name ‘JazzTube’.   From this Friday (25 May),  in a new initiative, the Stadtwerke Bonn is presenting a new platform (pun intentional!) for up and coming Jazz talent at three City Underground Stations.

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