Bonn JazzTube

‘Light at the end of the tunnel’ is promised for Bonn commuters this Summer  under the name ‘JazzTube’.   From this Friday (25 May),  in a new initiative, the Stadtwerke Bonn is presenting a new platform (pun intentional!) for up and coming Jazz talent at three City Underground Stations.

Listeners can vote for their favourites, with the top three appearing At the Harmonie on 21 October.

For full details visit the  JazzTube website


25th May 2012

RINKLAWOH – 17:00 UHR (HBF | Thomas-Mann-Strasse)

Felix Eichert Trio – 17:15 UHR (Universität | Markt)


22nd June 2012

Liza Pflaum Quintett – 17:00 Uhr (HBF | Thomas-Mann-Strasse)

Madera Porteña – 17:15 Uhr (Universität | Markt)

Filippa Gojo Quartett – 17:30 Uhr (Museumsmeile | Heussallee)

27th July 2012

Benedikt Hesse Quartett – 17:00 Uhr (HBF | Thomas-Mann-Strasse)

Rafael Krohn Trio feat. Anna-Lena Schnabel – 17:15 Uhr (Universität | Markt)

Eva Buchmann & Band – 17:30 Uhr (Museumsmeile | Heussallee)

24th August 2012

Soulfood Organ Quartett – 17:00 Uhr (HBF | Thomas-Mann-Strasse)

Tamara Lukasheva Duo – 17:15 Uhr (Universität | Markt)

Jens Böckamp Band – 17:30 Uhr (Museumsmeile | Heussallee)

28th September 2012

Mara Minjoli Quintett – 17:00 Uhr (HBF | Thomas-Mann-Strasse)

Janssen / Ladas Duo – 17:15 Uhr (Universität | Markt)

ton – 17:30 Uhr (Museumsmeile | Heussall

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