Last stops on the 2015 JazzTube

Filippa Gojo (46 of 47)Things will be back to their (boringly) normal self again on Friday and Saturday evenings as this weekend saw the final JazzTube concerts of 2015.

I caught two of the last band’s on Friday and can only say once again – whoever doesn’t win is also a winner  and the biggest winners of all are the commuters of Bonn who get to hear such excellent music to lighten their travels.

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JazzTube Stop Two

Filippa GojoFriday (22 June) saw the second stage of the SWB Jazz competition JazzTube which brings Jazz talent to the Ubahn Stations of Bonn, with the most popular Act getting a coveted concert in October at the Harmonie.  Just listening to two of the latest entrants left me with the phrase ‘Chalk & Cheese’ on my mind.  How can you compare a Jazz vocalist (Filippa Gojo) to a Trombone player (Lisa Pflaum)?  You can’t of course, so maybe it’s better just to enjoy the music and know that the future of Jazz is in safe hands in the Bonn/Cologne region at least.

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