New Blues, New Start – Mike Zito in interview

Zito2“I am not writing this blog because I think I am a spiritual guru or because I believe I have special insight into the recovery programs that might save your life –   I am writing this blog to save mine.
Mike Zito pulls no punches in the introduction to his online blog ‘A Bluesman in Recovery’.  It’s his description of a successful battle against drug and alcohol abuse.  It’s a bold, honest statement;  and  it’s also typical of Zito’s sincerity as I discovered when he took the time for a short interview before his recent appearance at Bonn Harmonie. Along the way I also discovered why he felt it was time to quit a Supergroup and why the future of the Blues is a healthy one…


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Alex Krienke (AJK) Interview

AJK2It was only briefly, but he was once in a band (Aragon) whose lyrical themes included Fantasy, War and Sorcery.   progression to a Power Metal band (Trick of the Light) followed, and now he’s  waiting in a quiet Bonn Bistro for his cup of tea to arrive so our interview can start.

Alex Krienke, best known for his many appearances as vocalist with Sunny Skies, is, Like his new CD ‘What’s Good For You‘, full of surprises.   Okay, there’s a reason for the tea, he’s on anti-biotics – but what about the musical surprises on the new disc? Rock, Pop and Jazz instead of Metal, Mayhem, and Sorcery? – and where do Huey Lewis and Freddie Mercury fit into the Alex Krienke story so far?   Alex spoke to 3SongsBonn in advance of the bands CD Release Concert at Bonn Harmonie on 6 December

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For Fans & Fanimals – Gabby Young Interview

13_Gabby-Young_085-148-EditGabby Young looked set to find a career in opera until Jeff Buckley, Jazz and Thyroid Cancer made appearances in her life. Buckley brought her a pop music perspective, the jazz a fresh approach to the pop, and the Thyroid Cancer an urgency to put her talents to good use.

The combined result can be heard on Gabby’s latest CD ‘One Foot in Front Of The Other’ and even more so in her live shows where brave souls have had to invent a category for her uncategorizable sound – ‘Circus Swing’ is what they came up with. Judge for yourself on Wednesday (9 April) when she and her band the ‘Other Animals’ are at Bonn Harmonie.  3Songs asked Gabby about her music and lifestyle –  If I say that the girl has a gardening blog, a designer range called appropriately ‘Gabberdashery’, a fashion blog, not to forget a hand in making unique album covers and videos, then forgive me if the interview seems incomplete. There’s a lot more than inventive pop music to this talented lady from Bath.


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Firegirl – Layla Zoe Interview


I met Layla Zoe for the first time in April 2011.  It wasn’t until later that year that I first heard her incredible voice singing live, but  I got to witness first hand just how important music was to the girl labelled affectionately ‘Canadas Darling of the Blues’.   She had come down to Koblenz for a concert by Ana Popovic and her journey down had been a bad one for reasons I won’t go into, but what I will always remember from that day is Layla suggesting that maybe she could sing a song that evening – as a way to get the bad experience out of her system.

For Layla Zoe music was, and as you will find in my interview still is, the best medicine.  Her last release ‘The Lily’ was one of my favourite discs of last year, so when I heard that Layla would be supporting Henrik Freischlader for his show at the Harmonie Bonn on March 19 I took the chance to try and find out why making music is so important to her.

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Band of Friends Interview


“Three or four years ago I just started listening to the music again.  All the old albums I’d played on… and thought: ‘This is great!'”

– Gerry McAvoy

It’s a funny thing.  One man’s favourite musician is another man’s signal to head for the bar.  One man’s great guitar solo is another man’s ‘too many notes too loud’ and one man’s hero is another man’s villain.  With one notable exception: Rory Gallagher.  I’ve yet to find anyone with a bad word to say about the Irish Bluesrock icon.  So why, when longtime Gallagher bassist Gerry McAvoy came to write about his life on the great man’s road, did Gallagher’s brother try to stop publication?  In an exclusive interview, 3Songsbonn asked McAvoy, former Gallagher drummer Ted McKenna and the man they both believe is the closest thing to Rory Gallaghers sound this side of the celestial Blues Chorus – Marcel Scherpenzeel for their views on the man and his magic.

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Alan Nimmo (King King) Interview

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Winners of ‘Best Band’ & ‘Best Album’ –
The British Blues Awards 2012

Winners of ‘Best Band’ & ‘Best Album’ –
Blues Matters Writers Poll 2011

So now you’ve seen the review and hopefully heard the music,  but what’s with the name King King?  Who is Alan Nimmo?  and why does he want to sing the Blues?   3Songsbonn asked the talented Scot to introduce himself to the German public during the bands first ever tour here.  Read on…

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Interview with Wayne Proctor – Wayne’s World

KingKing (23 of 24)-BorderMaker

A regular nominee (and winner) in British Blues polls Wayne Proctor has established himself as not just a drummer in demand, but also as producer –  with a CD for Oli Brown (‘Here I Am’) already under his belt behind the mixing desk and others in the pipe-line.   I managed to get a few minutes to find out about how he got to where he is, and where he plans to be going in future. Here’s the interview.

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