Interview with Dani Wilde

Dani Wilde 2012 Yardclub CologneThings seem to have been quiet for Dani Wilde since her 2012 release ‘Juice me up’ on RUF Records.  In fact, Dani has been pretty busy touring, writing, and making sizeable dents in the Country music charts.  Things seem to all be coming together right now for the belle from Brighton, and with the release this week of her new CD on Bri-Tone ‘Songs About You’ and a concert scheduled for Cologne’s Yardclub (28 April) this seems to be a good time to catch up with whats happened since my previous interview in 2012.

Prepare for tales of growing up, falling in love, out of love,  and growing old.  Like I say, it’s been a busy last couple of years for Dani Wilde…

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Dani Wilde & Friends

Who says familiarity breeds contempt?  Dani Wilde has become a regular visitor to Cologne/Bonn in recent years but every visit has been very different.  With Sam Fish and Casisie Taylor on Blues Caravan, with her own Band, and on Tuesday, with an acoustic trio.  Dani Wilde & Friends saw Brighton’s Blues Belle bring her infectious enthusiasm and soul laden voice to Colognes Yardclub.

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We Want More Girls with Guitars

Following the Blues Caravan show almost a year ago to the day here at the Harmonie the question was – ‘Is Bonn ready for ‚More Girls with Guitars’?‘  The packed house that turned out was an emphatic YES!  And Dani Wilde, Sam Fish and Victoria Smith, aided by drummer Denis Palatin, rewarded them with an explosive set of hard hitting music on high heels.

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