Red hot and Blue sisters

BluesCaravan2016‘Blue Sisters’ is this year’s title for the RUF Records Blues Caravan Tour that rolled into Bonn on Sunday.  Following on from last years ‘Guitars with Guitars’ though perhaps  ‘Maidens with Microphones’ would have been more in keeping?.  Certainly there was Blues in the music, but none of these girls was playing it Bessie Smith style.  Texan girl Tasha Taylor had the roots of her Soul star  father Johnnie’s sound to draw on, Finland’s Ina Forsman made more than a passing nod to Reggae in her set and Layla Zoe’s closer was clearly tilted firmly in a Rock direction.

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Girls With Guitars Interview

bc1Thomas Ruf was kind enough to arrange a few minutes before the recent Blues Caravan show for me to interview this years ‘Girls With Guitars’ stars.

So imagine if you will getting a few minutes alone with three pretty, young and talented ladies.  Yep, sometimes life isn’t so hard.   Join me now at the table with Heather Crosse, Sadie Johnson and Eliana Cargnelutti in a spotlessly clean dressing room for a coffee and a chat.

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Thomas Ruf in Interview

Thomas Ruf in Bonn 2011

RUF Records currently feature an excellent interview with Founder and CEO Thomas Ruf on their website.

Ruf shares his memories of legends  Luther Allison and Louisiana Red, suggests that the heart of  Blues Music comes from Musicians playing for love rather than money, and reveals ‘ghostly goings on’ during a recording on Beale Street…