Big Plans – Kunst!Rasen 2013

Brings – Open the Season on 7th June

Something for everyone. Music, Open-Air Cinema, Comedy, Good Food and Drink. After a first year of blood, sweat and tears just to get something off the ground after the final collapse of their Museumsplatz tent the organizers of Bonn’s Open Air Season have pulled out all the stops to put Bonn back on the International Musical Map.

Kunst!Rasen 2013 is set to prove that Music is Fine down by the Rhine next year.

As last year,  main attraction will be the 2.10 metre high Kunst!Rasen stage, with room for up to 10.000 visitors beside the Rhine. Already booked are two of the areas biggest Bands: BAP and season openers Brings (the latter promising a 2 hour plus show for their fans.) Also booked are Deichkind – who promise a stage-show to remember. The promoters have had to check in advance that the shows sheer size and weight will be performable in Bonn! Alongside is a schedule that, although only in its early days, already boasts top international acts. Crosby, Stills & Nash, and a Rock Night with Deep Purple, Gov’t Mule and British Underground Band Crippled Black Phoenix are already booked. With more time to find Acts and a longer Season (June until mid-September) than last year, the signs are good for a cracking second season of Kunst!Rasen.  But there’s more…

29 June – BAP

Not every Band, no matter how good, can attract 5 – 10.000 people.  To the rescue comes a new concept: Kunst!Palast. This will be a tent of palatial proportions, offering room for around 2000 visitors in fact.  Rita Baus is the new member of the Promoting Team, offering a mixed pallet of entertainment from 18 July to 18 August. Her experience in charge of the Bonn Pantheon will be put to good use and help to give comedians as well as musicians a stage. But there’s more…

Even 2000 listeners is a lot for a Band just starting out on the road to fame.

The third Stage at Kunst!Rasen, titled  Kunst!Garten will be for them. So, on days when there is no main-event on the big stage it will still be worth visiting the area because you just might catch the next big thing playing. But there’s more…

Kunst!Kino: A very popular addition to the Museumsmile Season was the Open-Air Cinema and next year it will be making a welcome return. Kinematik from the Brotfabrik will be announcing their programme which will run from late August to mid-September soon. What will be coming is still secret.  OmU versions of top international films are promised.  But there’s more…

14th July – Deep Purple

Well, okay, that’s ‘all’ regarding Stages and Entertainment. There will also be Food and Drink to while away a Summers day  of course, and anyone with an idea not mentioned already is welcome to contact the organizers.   In Short, It sounds as if Bonn will once again be showing International guests that it has a flair all it’s own. All the harder to believe that there is a need  to introduce Kunst!Rasen to the locals, but as Martin Nötzel points out – there are still people who didn’t know about last years shows. In early June an Open Day is planned to make sure the word is out and, as Nötzel pointedly says: “The success of Kunst!Rasen will ultimately be measured by the amount of feet that come through the gate”.

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