OpernRasenLIGHT in Bonn

Along with the recent good news that street music permits are again available comes the welcome news of a new ‘mini’ open-air festival in Bonn centre this Summer.   The cultural office (Kulturamt) has organized a varied music program from August through September 2020 titled OpernRasenLIGHT in compliance with the applicable hygiene measures to enliven the open land in front of the Bonn Opera  House.  Jazz, world music and acoustic folk are on offer. The musical will be playing from 5 to 7 p.m. with two sets of 30 minutes each.

The season kicked off on August 6th, with “Dad’s Phonkey” and has already seen Bonn Folk Club favourite Daniel Bongart appear.  Further dates and up-to-date information will be announced in the app, which is linked to www.bonn.de/opernrasen.  Note also that, due to space limitations, attendance should be registered beforehand on the App.

Guests: Astatine (13 August) and Marion Lenfant-Preus (21 August)

Booked already are Astatine (13 August) and Marion Lenfant-Preus (21 August) see picture above.  If either is unfamiliar to you then typing their names into the 3songs search box in the left margin of this site will tell you how highly I rate both.  For those missing the Classical Evening at Kunstrasen there is also something to look forward to later in the year:  On September 6th, the Beethoven-Orchestra Bonn will make the “OpernRasenLIGHT” sound. Further information will be available at the end of August at http://www.bonn.de/opernrasen.


Sport lovers should also note that there is also Zumba, Yoga and Tai Chi taking place at the location!

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