Simple Minds – Don’t you forget this concert!


Following their Karlsruhe show this week, the band’s website suggested that Simple Minds were raring to hit the Bonn Kunst!Rasen stage: “After a two-day break we are more than refreshed and very much looking forward to performing live in BONN tonight.”  Singer and co-founder Jim Kerr will be 60 next year but is not living off of past hits as a well oiled but power-packed show proved.  UK veterans Fischer-Z were also on good form to start a very hot and humid evening of good Rock music by the Rhine. 

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Bonn the Silent City?

Klangwelle ideally located - in front of Beethoven

Klangwelle – in front of Beethovens watchful eye where it belongs

“Bonn is half as big as the main cemetery in Chicago – and twice as quiet!”

Just one of the many jokes that is going around these days.  Is Bonn in danger of being a musical backwater?  Think back just a few years and remember when the Summer brought us Open Air at Museumsplatz, Live music in the Markplatz (Bonner Sommer), Free Rock Music in the Rheinpark  (RheinKultur), Sommergarten on the Kunsthalle roof,   All of them gone.  The last remnants are struggling to survive against the odds, and against the ‘Silent Nights’ brigade, and so it goes on.

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