Popa Chubby – Roar Power

13_Popa_Chubby_062-77-2 “Motörhead meets Muddy Waters” is how Ted Horowitz aka Popa Chubby describes his own musical style.  With a love for the Blues and musical roots buried deep in the Punk scene of his native New York City, Chubby concluded that if Blues is the root of contemporary music then it should be at least as ‘dangerous’ as the Rock and Punk it spawned.  At least that’s how I explain the steely edged Stratocaster shrieks, and the volume that occasionally threatens to reach mark 9 on a scale  of ten, but for the most part remains at it’s 10 max. Even the bodies packed tightly into every available orifice of the Harmonie couldn’t absorb so much sound.  There’s a sticker on Chubby’s guitar saying ‘Support your local Hells Angels Geneva’ Maybe it should say instead – ‘This guitar can seriously damage your health’.  Certainly the skulls emblazoned on it’s strap are a warning.

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