Simple Minds – Don’t you forget this concert!


Following their Karlsruhe show this week, the band’s website suggested that Simple Minds were raring to hit the Bonn Kunst!Rasen stage: “After a two-day break we are more than refreshed and very much looking forward to performing live in BONN tonight.”  Singer and co-founder Jim Kerr will be 60 next year but is not living off of past hits as a well oiled but power-packed show proved.  UK veterans Fischer-Z were also on good form to start a very hot and humid evening of good Rock music by the Rhine. 

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Alanis Morissette – Iconic rather than Ironic at Kunst!Rasen

There are little photos on her in-ear monitors, alphabet letters are on her earrings, she’s rushing from stage side to stage side all the time.  It’s very difficult to concentrate on Alanis Morissette as she makes her first ever appearance on the Kunst!Rasen stage.  Easier to just close your eyes and let some of the best song lyrics of the 90’s wash over you.

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Wincent Weiss Charms the (young) ladies at Kunst!Rasen

Music these days isn’t measured by discs sold, sometimes not even by files downloaded.  Careers now are made (and presumably also ended) via YouTube.  Take tonight’s show at Bonn Kunst!Rasen: Wincent Weiss first made his musical mark via an acoustic version of Turkish/German pop-singer Elif Demirezer’s song ‘Unter meine Haut’ on YouTube.   Main support act LEA (aka Lea-Marie Becker) began making music at 15 but broke through when a YouTube video of ‘Wo ist die Liebe?’ rang up a mind-boggling 45,000 clicks overnight (now almost 3 million).  In addition – the best introduction I could give you of local openers for the evening Steal a Taxi would be to send a link to their song ‘Time’ – on YouTube…

Do they measure up, not on a flat screen after countless edits, but on a stage with just one chance to deliver?

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Steve Winwood gives Bonn some loving

There are not too many musicians treading the boards today with careers stretching back five decades but Steve Winwood at 70 still has the enthusiasm of a teenager when he straps on a Stratocaster or digs in with his Hammond Organ along with a talented band of colleagues.  Support for the evening Gary Clark Jr was last seen in Bonn during Santana’s concert here, but is a highly rated guitarist in his own right.

A great evening of Music was guaranteed then at Kunst!Rasen this week.

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Sweating with Blueswater


“100 years of Blues & 60 minutes to play it”. That’s how Edinburgh Blues band The Blueswater describe their musical mission at the yearly Edinburgh Festival. Certainly, they play at an often frantic pace that suggests they might even cover all that ground in an hour. They even got an extra 30 minutes on top at Kult 41 on Sunday and sneaked in half the band for the support slot to shoe-horn in as much premium RnB as any sane, blues-loving human could hope for. Certainly, if you didn’t know by 10pm what the Blues was all about, then quite frankly, Jack – you dead!

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Keep Music on the Streets

DSC_0044-EditA reminder to all live music lovers that, in conjunction with the Folk Club Bonn, 3SongsBonn is currently collecting signatures for a petition to abolish the charge for playing live music on Bonn’s streets (currently 10 Euros per person for two days in Bonn.  In Cologne free!)
A few people have pointed out that the charge has been in place for a few years now. It seems though that it’s recently been more heavily enforced than ever before. Have you noticed how much emptier the streets are of music these days? We have.  Sad news for a City that makes a lot of tourist money through it’s famous musical son.

The petition will be closed on 6 June, when all signatures will be collected together from various paper lists including that from the Folk Club itself and the online one, for delivery to the Lord Mayor’s Office.
Please take a few minutes to sign, even if you don’t live in Bonn, to show you value live music and that it should be available to all – not just those who can afford concert tickets.

Madison Violet Bloom in Bonn

Last years concert up the road at Cologne’s Kulturkirche with it’s eyecatching backdrop is imminent for release as a dvd.  But although visitors to the Harmonie show had to ‘make do’ without the stained-glass windows they did have the eye-catching ladies themselves – Madison Violet – providing an ideal way to mellow out at the end of a rare hot weekend.

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Folk at GoVinum

The Godesberger ‘Wein & Bierstube’  GoVinum is offering live Folk Music this month.

Regulars at Bonn Folk Club will recognize the names here so I don’t need to tell you a fine time will be had by all!


Photo courtesy of John Hurd


Begin: 7:30pm

Entrance: Free

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