15 down and definitely far from out – Anne Haigis with Ina Boo

untitled (147 of 232)It’s shortly after 11.30 am. I’m standing on the roof of the Bundeskunsthalle in Bonn.  It’s called the General Anzeiger’s Sommergarten Season but the question bugging me is, will it rain?  I’m English so I assume the worst, but  the two ladies onstage in front of me have come prepared – songwise at least, as Bonn’s own Anne Haigis and Thüringen born Ina Boo kick off in classic thumb to the nose at grey skies  fashion with Tony Joe White’s  ‘Out of the Rain’.  Gauntlet firmly laid down by messrs Haigis and Boo, the grey clouds go scurryingly on their way – one force of nature conquered by another.  Anne is here on the back of her latest disc ’15 Companions’ and within ten minutes she has several hundred companions hanging on her every lyric.

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