Smith, Lyle & Moore – Fate (Feat. Dhani Harrison)

It’s been a while since my interview with Gary Moore’s son Jack.  In it Jack Moore admitted that being the son of guitar virtuoso Gary was a hard act to follow.  Jack has indeed taken a while to find his own musical direction, The track ‘Fate sees him team up with LA musicians Andrew Smith and Tyler Lyle.  Taken from the trios forthcoming debut EP ‘Smith, Lyle & Moore’ which is due for release in September, it shows where Jack Moore is now, and also shows that it’s not a bad place to be at all – just don’t look to it as a gauge of how Jack’s guitar licks stand up against dads, because there aren’t any.

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Full House in the Harmonie – Henrik Freischlader

Fate is strange. Barely more than a week after Jack Moore talked about how unique his fathers sound was, I found myself listening to the man who comes as close to it as anyone I’ve ever heard – Just give a listen to Henrik Freischlader playing Moore’s ‘The Messiah will come’ for proof.  There’s nothing flash about Freischlader’s presentation.  In this day and age of hyped music there should be a category labelled WYSIWYG  for players like him -What You See Is exactly What You Get.

 On Sunday night Freischlader was back at The Harmonie to present his new CD ‘House in the Woods’ to a packed house and prove why I consider him to be the best Bluesrock guitarist Germany has ever produced (put down those protesting hands Michael Schenker fans – I said BLUESrock!) A treat indeed.

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Jack Moore Interview

“If people want to compare me they can. 
But for me, no one will ever compare to him.
Not me, not anyone” – Jack Moore on his father Gary

Jack MooreThe face may not be familiar, but for lovers of electric guitar the surname certainly will be.  Jack Moore, son of  the late, great, Thin Lizzy Bluesrock legend Gary Moore, took time after his show with Cassie Taylor at the Yardclub in Cologne to talk with 3SONGSBONN  about carrying on the family trade of ‘Guitarman’.

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