Smith, Lyle & Moore – Fate (Feat. Dhani Harrison)

It’s been a while since my interview with Gary Moore’s son Jack.  In it Jack Moore admitted that being the son of guitar virtuoso Gary was a hard act to follow.  Jack has indeed taken a while to find his own musical direction, The track ‘Fate sees him team up with LA musicians Andrew Smith and Tyler Lyle.  Taken from the trios forthcoming debut EP ‘Smith, Lyle & Moore’ which is due for release in September, it shows where Jack Moore is now, and also shows that it’s not a bad place to be at all – just don’t look to it as a gauge of how Jack’s guitar licks stand up against dads, because there aren’t any.

Since I caught that 2012 show in Cologne with Cassie Taylor, Jack Moore‘s search for a musical direction has taken him away from Brighton, all the way to LA in fact.  That’s where he hooked up with producer/musician Andrew Smith and pulled in the help of Dhani Harrison for some backing vocals.  In my interview with Jack he mentioned George Harrison as a major influence.  Dhani is the son of George, who, with the assistance of Jeff Lynne, produced George’s final disc ‘Brainwashed’ in 2001.  I hope you are following all this because it really explains where much of the sound and inspiration for ‘Fate’ comes from.  It really does re-create the Travelling Wilbury’s sound, with maybe a slight smattering of Gotye in the arrangements too.  Maybe ‘Fate’ actually leans a little too heavily on ‘Won’t Back Down’ for comfort.  There’s a line saying “Do it your own way” and certainly there is the potential for a great future if they can do so more uniquely.  The Wilbury’s feel alongside the Indian sounding influence of George Harrison is certainly a great starting point though.

Having heard some of the other tracks set to appear on the EP I can state that songwriter and musician Tyler Lyle’s influences are very definitely in the direction of sweet vocal harmonies – Simon & Garfunkel in particular.

So there you are.  Don’t go to Smith, Lyle & Moore’s new single to find out if Father and Son Moore share an ability for shredding guitar licks.  What is on offer here is an appealing mix of Tom Petty, The Travelling Wilburys and on the coming EP Simon & Garfunkel.  If you wished The Travelling Wilbury’s could have done more in their short existence or you still miss Tom Petty then Smith, Lyle & Moore are for you.  The trio are still finding their own voice, but certainly ‘Faith’ is a tantalising taste of what might be great things to come”

Listen to the debut single ‘Fate: HERE

The EP is due out on September 18




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