Bill Baum – 25 Years a Bad Boy

They are now so much of a musical institution in Bonn that it’s hard to imagine a music scene here without Bill Baum and his partners in music The Bluesbenders. It was then, a mark of the respect Bill has gained from the Blues scene, that for his 25th Anniversary show at Bonn Harmonie, Bill was joined by a man nominated in three categories for this year’s International Blues Awards, Richie Arndt. It was guaranteed to be a good evening for Bonn Blues lovers.

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Stadtgarten 2016


Baum’s Bluesbenders (20 Aug)

A new highlight for me last year in Bonn was the excellent free concert programme put together by Bonn’s own Rock- & Pop Beauftragter Hans-Joachim Over.  Audiences went into the 1000 plus category, and there was certainly magic in the air for the final show with Cynthia Nickshas.  I was especially pleased then when this week saw the press conference for this years Stadtgarten Season at Bonn’s Alten Zoll.


The 2016 season sees an excellent mix of established local acts and exciting International ones that should offer something for pretty well everybody , there’s no Gothic Heavy Metal on the list, or Viking Norse Rock (and yes I made the last one up!) but there is ‘Free Music’.  Not sure what that is for a category, but it will start this years season on 5 August when the Dutch band Aligaga are in town.  I certainly aim to be there for the evening because one of my favourite Bonn Bands will be headlining the evening – Steal A Taxi with Makeda fresh from her success on the big stage appearing in Bodyguard in Cologne.

Steal A Taxi and currently Bodyguard star Makeda

Steal A Taxi (5 August)


I’m also looking forward to catching the 20 August Blues Night.  On the Bill is Bill, Mr Baum and his Bluesbenders that is.  Always a pleasure to hear Bill’s Harp player Uwe Placke in action too.


Anika Auweiler (3 Sept)


For the youngsters there will be last year’s Toys2Masters winning band TIL and for the, ahem, somewhat olders, like me there is an open air Sixties United.  No word of the line-up for this but I’m hoping Sticky Fingers will be in it.  Like me, go along and find out.  Jazz fans will want to catch successful local ‘Future Sounds’ winners JinJim and Miao-Mio headgirl Anika Auweiler will be appearing on 3 September along with French-Poetic Rock from Laura Cahen to end what should be a magic season by the Rhine in fine style.  Did I mention these wonderful concerts are free admission?  There is a God after all!

See the full programme HERE.