Band of Friends Interview


“Three or four years ago I just started listening to the music again.  All the old albums I’d played on… and thought: ‘This is great!'”

– Gerry McAvoy

It’s a funny thing.  One man’s favourite musician is another man’s signal to head for the bar.  One man’s great guitar solo is another man’s ‘too many notes too loud’ and one man’s hero is another man’s villain.  With one notable exception: Rory Gallagher.  I’ve yet to find anyone with a bad word to say about the Irish Bluesrock icon.  So why, when longtime Gallagher bassist Gerry McAvoy came to write about his life on the great man’s road, did Gallagher’s brother try to stop publication?  In an exclusive interview, 3Songsbonn asked McAvoy, former Gallagher drummer Ted McKenna and the man they both believe is the closest thing to Rory Gallaghers sound this side of the celestial Blues Chorus – Marcel Scherpenzeel for their views on the man and his magic.

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