Hofgarten Concerts – All You Need To Know

Robbie Williams

Visitors to the main University Building (Hofgarten) towards Alten Zoll will have noticed that things are happening there. It’s all in preparation for four concerts originally planned to celebrate the Beethoven Anniversary. Better late than never – the last week of August will feature concerts by
Die Fantastischen Vier (26 August), Deichkind (27 August), Kraftwerk (28 August) and Robbie Williams (30 August)

For those who want to attend a concert, and also for those who just want to navigate a way around it to the Rhine), HERE is a plan of the concert area.

Venue location:


53111 Bonn

The Hofgartenwiese is located in front of the University of Bonn, in the immediate vicinity of the main train station.

Google Maps coordinates Hofgartenwiese: 50°43’57.3 “N 7°06’16.3 “E

Travel information

Since there are hardly any parking spaces in the immediate vicinity of the event site, it is recommended to travel by public transport.

Connections run in the direction of Cologne and Koblenz from Bonn main station.

Connections of the subway 63/66 from stops Juridicum and Bonn HBF in the direction of Cologne and Bonn Bad Godesberg (see: http://www.swb-busundbahn.de).

Arrival by car

Due to the fact that the Hofgartenwiese is located in the middle of the city and there are hardly any parking possibilities, please use the Park & Ride places in Bonn if possible.

Arrival by bicycle:

If you arrive by bicycle, please park your bikes at the designated places in the immediate vicinity. (Juridicum, ULB, Kaiserplatz or Am Hof.)

Attention.  Bicycles that are fastened to the fence of the event area,

unfortunately have to be removed!

Arrival accessibility/guests with disabilities

The parking lot for people with disabilities is in the immediate vicinity of the entrances

Approach via Adenauerallee until the Zweite Fährgasse closure. There the

Security personnel will assign a parking space.

Concert schedule:

Friday, 26.08.2002 Die Fantastischen Vier

16.30 Admission

18.45 h DJ Thomilla

19.45 h Flo Mega

21.00 h The Fantastic Four

Expected end 11 p.m.


https://diefantastischenvier.online-ticket.de/die-fantastischen-vier-tickets-25.html and at the box office

Saturday, 27.08.2022 Deichkind

18.00 Admission

20.00 clock Deichkind

Expected end 21.45 clock


Via bonnticket & Ticketmaster & at the box office.

Sunday, 28.08.22 Kraftwerk

18.00 Admission

21.00 Kraftwerk 3D

Expected end 23.00

Remaining tickets:

Via bonnticket or Ticketmaster or at the box office.

Tuesday, 30.08.2022 Robbie Williams

16.00 Admission

19.30 Air House

21.00 h Robbie Williams

Expected end 22.45 clock

The concert is sold out!

Safety Information

For the safety of all, additional security and prevention measures are required at the concerts. The organizer therefore asks for support and understanding that it may not be possible to avoid longer waiting times due to increased controls, and calls on everyone to come to the Hofgartenwiese in good time. Backpacks, handbags larger than A4 and larger objects of any kind must stay at home. Also notebooks, tablets, professional cameras and other devices for audio and video recordings may not be brought onto the event premises.

Food and drinks, glass bottles and cans are also not allowed on the premises. Exempt from this regulation are a 0.5 l Tetra Pack or a 0.5 l PET bottle for personal use with non-alcoholic content.

The organizer asks to allow enough time for the arrival.

Questions and suggestions gladly under info@noisenow.de

The team at E.L.Hartz Promotion GmbH is looking forward to your visit and to the concerts.

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