From 20 March, the City of Bonn will once again host the region’s
first large-scale indoor festival of 2022 Over The Border

“Culture, as we know, cannot be contained,” says organizer Manuel Banha.

“As a result of globalization, people come together all over the world, they communicate, exciting things happen. Bonn is the
perfect place for such a festival. This dialogue is more important than ever.”

Opening concert on 20.03.22 The Harmonie

The aim of the Across The Border concert series is to make musical and social developments visible. Many people grow
up with two cultures and carry these two cultures equally in their hearts.

On different concert stages in Bonn, the Festival will be presenting innovative cross-cultural performers from
all continents, as well as familiar faces from the region’s musical local ambassadors.

Marion & Sobo Band in ‘Doppelpack’ 26-27 March – Harmonie

It will be important to convince those interested in culture to take part in face-to-face events again, where they can feel safe and relaxed and have an enjoyable concert experience.  It is also necessary to give young bands the perspectives they had before the lockdown. Newcomers will be given the opportunity to perform and present their projects that were paused. In this context, it is also necessary to intensify the artistic network of local musicians with international artists.


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