KulturGarten – Positive start for new venue

New Open-Air venue BonnLive has got off to a flying start in the Rheinau, with lively and colourful opening shows from  Brings and Bukahara.   A further 50 Corona-compliant shows are planned until the end of August on what is Germany’s largest open-air stage.

After the first 10 successful days with Brings, Bukahara and Die Höhner and other smaller shows, the Festival programme, that incorporates not just music but also comedy and theatre, has made the most of good Summer weather, as have the many visitors utilizing the deckchair style seating and beer trestle tables.
Organizers five-three event agency and RheinEvents are well pleased with the way things have gone so far.  The concept of the BonnLive cultural garden works.. Despite having a maximum capacity of 2000 spectators, all hygiene rules have been observed, without they believe losing the spark of a live performance.

The shows have proved so popular in fact that more acts are being added, with Meute, Oliver Pocher, Mo-Torres, Cat Ballou, Dirty Deeds ’79, Felix Lobrecht and SSIO already confirmed.
The  “small flower meadow” as the area of Rheinaue where the shows are situated translates in English, has had to create its own audience seating concept from scratch:  A maximum of ten people can book a plot of ground, with individual plots separated from each other in a corona-compliant manner by a 1.5 m wide quarantine strip.

Brings have high hopes for Kulturgarten

In addition, there are Sun loungers directly in front of the stage.  In the middle are beer table sets, and set further back there is plenty of space for picnic blankets. Catering takes place on the square, with a one-way street system ensuring unobstructed paths to the squares and the toilets.  Really a logistical challenge, that I think deserves praise to the organizers.“It is really worth visiting the BonnLive cultural garden and thus supporting the cultural landscape in these difficult times. Anyone who has been here will recommend this special experience. There are still some highlights on stage until the end of August! ”Julian Reininger concludes.

Information and tickets for all events of the BonnLive cultural garden are available at www.bonnlive.com.
Dates so far:

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