Stage Free for Beethoven…

Ute Eden

This week saw the beginning of Bonn’s annual Beethoven Festival, a sometimes lavish affair presenting the best of Classical Music and also, alongside, the best side of Bonn for tourists.

Besides the international stars there are also a great many concerts and stages made available during the Festival and Saturday was the busiest of them all, with numerous mini and not so mini stages spread out around Bonn City Centre it was possible to go from a talented pianist playing gentle melodies, to a full scale youth orchestra playing Beethoven, to a Jazz Band playing Smoke on the Water – and all within ten minutes walking distance. did the walk and HERE ARE THE PICTURES to prove what a busy and sunny day Bühne Frei Für Beethoven 2012 was.  Lots of excellent music, much of it from young musicians from the Bonn area such as The HBG Pop Singers from Hardtberg Gymnasium, Ute Eden with the Bonn Beuel IGS BigBand, and The Nonnenwerther Inselsinfoniker from Nonnenwerth.  Not to mention many more that I didn’t get to see, hear and photograph.  Too much good music for one day in fact.

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