Kunst!Rasen or? What should it be called?

Forget ‘T in the Park’, How about ‘Wine on the Rhine?’ Your name for the new Concert Site is requested

Very encouraging is the news that Bonn Mayor Jürgen Nymptsch has promised a meeting with the Kunst!Rasen promoters in mid-August to discuss possible concerts next year.  The big Touring Acts are already planning their schedules for 2013 and a green light as soon as possible would be a great help.  Bonn missed out on a number of top acts because of the late planning permission this year – Van Morrison and Tom Petty were both eventually scheduled elsewhere for example.

Promoter Ernst-Ludwig Hartz says a minimum of 20 shows is required to make the Season financially viable unless additional promoters can be found.  Some 20.000 people have visited the Site for the five shows that have taken place so far, which is good, but is less than half of the total capacity for those shows.  The message is clear – if you want top Musical Acts to appear in Bonn, get tickets for Culcha Candela (20 July) Zaz (22 July) and/or Caro Emerald (29 July).

There is also some concern that the name ‘Kunst!Rasen’ (literally ‘Art on the Grass’) hasn’t caught on and that many local residents don’t know what it’s all about.  (3songsbonn has also struggled a bit to remember the apostrophe in the name!)

Readers of this site have an international flavour so lets have some suggestions for a name that would be Internationally identifiable with the new site:  WHAT SHOULD THE NEW VENUE BE CALLED?  Send your suggestions via the comments field below and we will pass them on to the Promoters.

One thought on “Kunst!Rasen or? What should it be called?

  1. Dear John,

    the physical proximity to the Rhine is something which cannot be overlooked and should certainly be incorporated into the name of the venue..

    As a fellow native English speaker I too had my problems with “Kunst!Rasen”.

    Is it an arty lawn or a garden styled by “Capability Brown”?
    Is it a designer carpet as in a “Thousand and One Knights”? or …
    Is it a skilful dash in the way of an “Artful Dodger”?

    The possibilities are manifold but the name does not do the venue justice.

    “Rhineside Stage” says it, but also for a lot of other conurbations on such a long river.
    “Bonn Rhineside Stage” says it more specifically
    “International Rhineside Stage” could give at least four other countries access to it
    “Bonn International Rhineside Stage” would be sufficient, if it weren’t so close to the UN, so
    “Bonn United (Inter) National Nations Rhineside Stage” should cover almost everything, but is
    perhaps OTT!

    the physical proximity to the Rhine is something that has, in the past, provoked local international musicians and media artists to think and research,


    Would this not be a wonderful combination of local arts in very close proximity to the river Rhine in Bonn?

    The music concerts could perhaps begin with a customised version of real local international “Kunst” before the music concert begins?

    It couldn’t happen this year as Barry’s already “stateside”

    But next year perhaps?

    “Kunst!Rasen'” is clever in German, but unfortunately does not signify a musical venue of the quality on offer, and motivate the potential international audience accordingly.

    John Harrison

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